Oakville Day Camp - 2020
Contact Jamie Hotzman at j.hotzman@gmail.com
Aug 3-7, 2020 * 9 am - 4 pm * Morrisville Methodist Church

$90 by May 1st
$110 from May 2 - June 18
$140 from June 16 - July 1
For Camper
Camper's Name
Details for Camper
Age (at time of camp) *
Grade in Fall *
Troop # *
Troop Leader *
Level in Fall *
T-shirt size (complimentary) *
Additional T-shirt size ($10)
Thursday Night Sleepover
Sleepover is for girls entering 4th grade or above in the fall.
N/A for daisy/brownies
My daughter will attend the Thursday Night Sleep Over
$15 (girls stay at camp on Thursday thru Friday and bowling, eat, watch a movie and sleep over.)
Clear selection
After Care Option
My daughter will stay for Before-Care 8-9 am and/or After-Care from 4-6 pm
Before-care $5 or After-care $10 per day - select days you will be using after care (pick up anytime from 4-6pm)
Parent/Gaurdian Information
Name of Parent/Guardian *
Address *
Phone *
Email *
A camper will receive a $5 refund check for each day a parent/guardian volunteers. We need parent volunteers to maintain our Safety-wise ratios of Scouts to Adults. If you indicate you are helping, please make sure that you are available for the ENTIRE DAY of camp. Without parent help, we will not be able to hold camp.
Adult Volunteer T-shirt size
Any adult who volunteers all 5 days of camp receives a free T-shirt.
Special Considerations
Does the camper have any special needs (dietary. medical, other)?
If so, please explain
You may list one other camper to be paired with your daughter during camp.
Please note: the other camper must list your daughter's name on their registration form. (One of the purposes of camp is to meet new friends.)
Total Amount Due
Below is the amount I owe for all Camp fees I have selected *
Please add Camp fee + extra tshirt(s) + Sleep Over + After Care = Total
We accept Check or Credit Card.
(If paying by credit card, log into your PayPal account and send money via "friends and family" to oakvilledaycamp@gmail.com)

$90 by May 1st
$110 from May 2 - June 18
$140 from June 16 - July 1
Please click the button below to alert us of your means of payment.
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CHECK - Send check made payable to "Oakville Day Camp" c/o Jamie Hotzman, Oakville Day Camp, 104 Lesha Dr., Morrisville, PA 19067

CREDIT CARD - Pay via PayPal via "Friends and Family" to email address oakvilledaycamp@gmail.com. Add your campers name to the NOTE TO SELLER.

If you have questions, please contact Jamie Hotzman at j.hotzman@gmail.com.
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