OSDI 21/ATC 21 Mentoring - Mentee Sign up
The link for mentors is here: https://tinyurl.com/osdi2021mentors

This year's OSDI and ATC are organising a mentoring scheme. Undergraduates, masters, and PhD students can sign up and we will match them with postdocs, faculty, or industry researchers in their research area. The expectation is that the mentees will meet their mentor via video call (e.g., Zoom) at some mutually convenient point prior to the conference, and optionally sync again during the conference. The meetings will take place in small groups of 2-3 mentees and a mentor. The hope is that this will give students the opportunity to discuss their research with experts in their field, while also making it easier for them to approach/meet other researchers. We feel that this point of contact will be especially important this year due to the virtual nature of the conference. Please list your research interests, email, website, and time zone.

Thank you very much for taking the time! We are very grateful for your help in contributing to make OSDI and ATC inclusive and welcoming communities. Please contact osdi21mentorship@usenix.org with any questions.

The deadline for signing up is June 15th.

Malte Schwarzkopf
Baris Kasikci
Amy Ousterhout
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