Participate To Complete The Process Of Getting Certified Under The Teardrops Ecosystem
If you are here, it is likely because you have completed the 5-steps in this post ( and you taking the final steps in 'becoming certified'. You are very welcome.

We would like to create one close-knit group of brothers (sisters included), a grey-list of 'certified uloggers'. You will have completed the process of 'getting certified', after you have successfully filled-up this form.

Before you proceed, have you follow all our chat-channels yet? Please check the list below to ascertain that you have done so.

Telegram: https:
At What Email Address Can We Best Reach You? *
We will not share your email address with other parties. However, we want to begin creating one global solid family of "certified uloggers" and to this effect, we will need a way to "best reach you". We will also send you emails related to projects under the umbrella of the teardrops SMT (as required). Via this email, we will be sending you information in due time, related to getting 'certified'.
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Please Enter You Ulogacy Post. (The Post Published Via *
Kindly provide us with the to your ulog.
Nominate People To 'Get Certified'.
Kindly write us a list of steemians that you will like to nominate to undergo the process of 'getting certified' under the teardrops SMT ecosystem. In this list, please write their steem username, their best email and their chat-medium (where applicable.
Would You Like To Participate In Videos Uploaded To UloggersTV, TeardropsTV or UntalentedTV?
Our entire ecosystem is built around our list of 'certified uloggers', meaning you will be able to play an active role as part of any of our innovation. Where we have needs for say video tutorials across each of our steem-interfaces etc can we reach out to you to help out?
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Inspire Us? Tell Us How You Feel About And It Potential For Success etc...
Kindly Vote On The "steemgigs" Witness.
You can do so by visiting and voting on "steemgigs" which is ranked "number 59".

Or you can using steemconnect by clicking on
Delegate To @marlians
You can delegate to @ulogs @steemgigs or @teardrops. Kindly click here at your convenient time if you desire to:
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