Support Team for The Great Rhythm Revival 2019

Please fill out the application below and submit. No deposit fee is required, because we trust you will follow through with your commitment. If you can not , PLEASE let us know ASAP.

We will call you to confirm, once we know that we have a space for you. If we run out of support team positions, we’ll let you know, so you can consider purchasing a pre-sale ticket.

Support Team service will cover your entry fee for all programming & camping, but not meal costs. There is a reduced price of $100 for the full 4 day meal package ($140 if you are prefest and wish to purchase meals for the extra 2 days), and $80 for 3 days. Individual meals can be purchased at $10 per breakfast and $15 per lunch/dinner. Payment will be handled at the check-in table on arrival.

SET-UP CREW Tuesday, Wednesday (August 6th, & August 7th)
16 -20 hours/person between Tuesday & Wednesday: Set up the dance floor & stage, recycling stations, tables and chairs, decorating, lighting etc. (for people with physical strength & stamina)

KITCHEN BEFORE EVENT Tuesday, Wednesday (August 6th, August 7th)
16-20 hours/person between Wednesday/Thursday: Food prep, serving set up, dishwashing, kitchen clean-up

KITCHEN DURING EVENT Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (August 8-11)
16 hours/person between Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Food prep, serving set up, dishwashing, kitchen clean-up

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