CONjuration 2024/ Participation (Panel, Activity & Performance) Submission Form
Hello Panelist, Activity & Performance Host Hopefuls!

Please read this entire introduction, then, please fill out this form if you would like to have the chance to run a panel, activity or performance at CONjuration 2024.

Be sure to keep in mind the following things to increase your chances of being chosen:

- Put effort into your application. Make sure you have a clear idea in your head of what you want your panel, activity or performance to be. This is a competitive process. We will not accept panels, activities or performances where the concept is not clearly evident. This process is NOT first come first serve, so take your time. The more effort you put into this stage, the more you will shine above the rest of the submissions. Space at our new location is more limited to the space we had at the Hilton, but the more programming we have the better. We want to provide an experience for our attendees and we can't do that without any of you!

- We are seeking organizers who can fill 45 minutes (unless otherwise approved by Angela or Chris Seckinger) with energetic, intelligent, and fascinating content that our audience will find relevant to the magical/fantasy genre and culture. Your proposal should explain how you would involve the audience, if your panel, activity or performance is selected.

- By filling out this form, you are agreeing to be the Head Panelist / Speaker/Activity Host, if chosen. Please do not fill out this form for someone else.

- If accepted, you MUST participate in at least 3 panels (either of your own creation or panels created by others) to receive a complimentary 3-day badge to CONjuration '24. Or, significant performance, to be approved. If you are participating in less than 3 panels, or your performance is not considered "qualified" for a free badge, you must purchase a ticket/badge to attend.

- Complimentary badges are limited to 6 per group. If you have more than 6 participants in your panel/activity/performance, you must purchase additional Group badges (which will be offered at a discount, once approved). Or, get approval from Chris or Angela. The sale of badges helps our convention continue.

- This submission form will close on September 24, 2024,at midnight. After that date we will not be accepting any new submissions. The Panel team will send out all decisions by October 22, 2024. You may receive correspondence from us prior to that date if we need more information from you. Please be sure to check your email often.

- Make sure you have filled out everything to the best of your ability before hitting submit below! We absolutely need very clear communication on what type of equipment you need to present your panel or programming and your availability.

If you have any questions please email and be sure to
Thanks again for your interest in participating in CONjuration and good luck!
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Include the event, the activity, your area of expertise, we fully understand your experience.
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In order to plan your participation time, we need as much detail about your specific availability as possible and any notes on when you would not be available or what you want to make sure you can attend:
How much TIME do you need? Standard panel/activity times are 45 minutes. Is 45 minutes for the duration of your panel and/or performance enough for you? *
We provide 45 minute intervals for every schedule block (15 mins in between for transitions) if you need more event/performance time, that must be documented here.
Standard set-up and break down times are 15 minutes before and after your scheduled panel/performance time. Is 15 minutes for set up and break-down ENOUGH for you? *
We provide 15 minute intervals between every 45 min. panel for the panelists both coming and going to prepare. THIS INFO IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR OUR SCHEDULING. If you need more set-up or break-down time that MUST be documented here.
Will you need a Projector/screen, mics or any other A/V or technical equipment? *
Please describe (projector, screen, PA, mic, etc...).Keep in mind, CONjuration must pay for this equipment. If you DO NOT give us notice of needed equpiment - even for PROJECTORS, we will not be able to provide the equipment. If you can bring your own, that is even better. CONjuration will not be providing computers/laptops.
Name your additional panelists (each of you must do 3 panels (or 2.25 hours live performance) to receive a FREE badge so putting their name here does NOT guarantee a badge.
Please list the names, fandom/nick names, and emails for all additional confirmed panelists. Include each new name on a different line. Please communicate with your panelists to make sure you only submit your panel idea once.
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