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We thank you for responding to this expatriation survey for the next Investir en Europe / Investing in Europe & International Influences magazine, which will be published in October 2018.

Thank you for sharing your impressions (your answers will remain anonymous). If you are not a member or partner of the association Europe en Parallèle, do not hesitate to ask us the next digital biannual magazine with this exceptional code SondageExpat by writing to us at: contact@europeenparallele.org from October.
Please specify your country of origin and those of destination by specifying the duration and the main reason (professional, studies, family, retirement, ..) for each country. *
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Is your expérience abroad positive ? *
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What are the most important country selection elements for you? *
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Career opportunities, employment, wages
Climate and geography
Quality of life (housing infrastructure, health, education, services, ..)
Feeling welcome abroad
Kind of city
Cultural and sporting activities
Social life
Security & Safety
Learning the language
Regime, government
Additional comments
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In your opinion, are these proposals relevant? *
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In Mediterranean Europe populations are more welcoming than in northern and continental Europe
The fact that cultures are individualistic or collectivist, has an influence on the way of working and living
The most destabilizing in the expatriation is the first 6 months
The experience of living abroad has an impact on the way you think and behave
Everyone should make an international living experience at least once
The international life experience allows to deepen its reflection
Living abroad allows you to better appreciate your country of origin
Living abroad learns tolerance
Does your local business or organization take into account multicultural cohabitation? *
How would you define the characteristics of the local culture (recalling the country concerned), for example the 3 elements that you like and dislike ?
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What are the main lessons you have learned from these experiences?
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