SWAG To College: Upperclassmen Mentor Check-In
Hi mentors! Thank you so much for your hard work! To make sure SWAG To College is efficient, we must obtain information on the questions below. Please use this form to update us about your mentorship every month. If you mentor more than one student, please fill this form out separately for each mentor you manage every month.
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How many conversations (through phone, text, email, etc.) did you have with your mentee in the last three weeks? *
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If you're answer is "0," please utilize the space below to explain. Otherwise, tell us about what has gone well with your mentor-mentee relationship.
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Do you use the timeline provided by SWAG To College with your mentee? *
If you aren't using the timeline, please begin doing so by visiting
Do you have any concerns with your mentor-mentee relationship?
Please offer an honest assessment of your experience thus far. We would love to hear your feedback and provide the best possible mentorship experience! As a mentor, can you offer any suggestions or improvements to the process? What do you think has worked well?
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Please tell us about your mentee's accomplishments.
We love commending mentees for their accomplishments as well as mentors for their guidance. Is there anything your mentee has done that you would like to highlight?
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