PUESD Parent Stakeholder Survey
Please provide feedback to help the district plan for the upcoming school year and develop our 3 year Local Control and Accountability Plan. Some questions below relate to how the district will move forward and continue to meet the needs of low income students, English learners and Foster students as we write our new LCAP. Other questions will relate to how the district will mitigate learning loss, provide expanded learning opportunities and address other impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please complete only one survey per family. Please complete and submit your survey by Monday, May 10th.

Please indicate ALL schools in the Palermo District in which you have child enrolled *
Please indicate the grade level of ALL children which are enrolled in the Palermo District *
Please rate the importance of each item below as a potential strategy to mitigate learning loss and meet the ongoing academic needs of our students. *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Not sure/I don't know
Return to a full 6 hour school day of in-person instruction
Music Classes at K-3
Bilingual Aide support for English Learners
An independent/home study option for families who want to remain in distance learning for the 2021-2022 school year.
Increased access to high interest books.
Agricultural classes at the middle school
Reading Intervention Opportunities
After school tutoring
After School Clubs
Parent education opportunities in strategies to support your student(s) academically.
Please rate each item below as a potential strategy to build positive school climates with that are safe, responsive to students needs, and engage both our students and parents. *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not important
Unsure/I don't know
Expanding our Independent Study program
Creating engaging, accessible and student centered libraries
Providing expanded transportation for after school activities
Counseling services at each school site.
Meals provided for children over the summer.
Parent education in youth mental health, the effects of trauma, etc.
Social Workers to assist families in accessing needed supports and services
Parent Outreach staff to help families with issues related to student truancy and absenteeism
The state is providing funding specifically for districts to provide Expanded Learning Opportunities to students in order to address the learning time that was lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please rate the importance of each item below as a strategy to provide Expanded Learning Opportunities for ALL students. *
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important
Unsure/I don't know
Summer School Sessions in June
Summer School Sessions in July
Early Return Sessions in August
After School Tutoring (provides direct instruction on essential standards)
After School Enrichment Clubs (Scienc, Fine Arts, Technology, Performing Arts, etc
Instructional minutes added to the school day.
Instructional days added to the school calendar
Instructional sessions during Intercession breaks
Enrichment sessions during intercession breaks: Science, Music, Art, etc
Please indicate your interest/willingness for your student(s) to participate in the following if offered by the district. *
Highly interested and willing
Not interested
Unsure at this time
Not applicable to my current position
Summer Session in June
Summer Session in July
Early Return Session in August
After School Tutoring
After School High Interest Clubs
Instruction during Intercession Breaks
Indicate the educational option below that best indicates your plans for the upcoming school year. Please note: We are currently planning on a return to a full day schedule which includes transportation for all students. We believe that we will still be required to follow public health guidance to limit the transmission and spread of COVID-19 which MAY include a mask/face covering requirement. *
Additional comments: Please provide any additional feedback to assist with developing plans to meet student needs.
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