Weekly Online Storytelling Registration《我们一起听故事》 报名表格
Organiser: Viva Foundation for Children with Cancer (Mandarin: Monday from 5pm to 5.30pm, English: Thursdays 5pm- 5.30pm)You only need to register once. We will send you the Zoom link.
新加坡VIVA 儿童基金会举办线上听故事 (华语逢周一 傍晚5点至5点半, 英语逢周四傍晚5点至5点半)
我们将把 ZOOM 链接发至您的手机号码。只需一次性报名。
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By registering for this event, you agree that VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer (VIVA) may collect and use your personal data (including any visual images, photographs and/or video of yourself captured during the event. for the purposes of (a) processing your registration; (b) maintaining of event participants' database; (c) responding to your queries about the event; (d) obtaining feedback on your event experience; (e) You further agree that images of yourself in video recordings or photographs taken at the event ("Images") maybe used for other marketing and publicity-related purposes in VIVA publications including on the VIVA websites and other websites.  If you request VIVA to cease using the Images at anytime, they will not be used in future publications but may continue to appear in publications already in circulation. 注册此活动,即表示您同意 VIVA 儿童癌症基金会可以收集和使用您的个人数据(包括在活动期间拍摄的任何视觉图像、照片和/或视频),用于 (a)处理您的注册;(b) 收集参与者的资料;(c) 回应您对活动的询问;(d) 获取有关您对活动的反馈;(e) 您进一步同意,您在活动视频记录或照片中出现的图像(“图像”)可能用于 VIVA 出版物的其他营销和宣传相关目的,包括在 VIVA 网站和其他网站上。如果您要求 VIVA 停止使用这些图像,它们将不会被使用于过后发行的出版物,但可能会继续出现在已经发行的出版物中。 *
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