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Have you always wanted your own theatre company? Maybe you want to make some sweet theatre without the responsibility of your own theatre company. We think both of those ideas are great.

We’re looking for dedicated theatre makers to join our ranks. Anyone from actors and directors to stage managers and producers. We want to hear from you.

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If you need help completing this application, please get in touch at or 0450 018 380.
Be honest now. We don’t need you to overstate what you’re up for. There’s no point saying you can do more than you actually can, and we don’t want you to feel over-committed.

How many hours a week do you think you could dedicate to company work? Two half days? Three hours? Tell us.

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Joining the company and becoming a Wit means playing an active role in running the company. How cool would it be to have a say in the work you make? You also then get first dibs on what role you want to play in every season.

Working with us (and not being a company member) means you get to come and work with us for a show or a season. You might come back and work with us, you might not. But for the time you’re here, you’re one of us.

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This is where you can share your previous work with us. You don't have to have everything listed below, but just share with us what you do have so we can start to get to know you.

If you're unable to link to your CV, send it through via email to and type 'emailed' below.

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Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you, your work, your access requirements or your favourite food?
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We're a small company, so it won't always be possible for us to respond to every application. Feel free to follow up by emailing

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