HolMat IdolFest 2019 Application
Thank you for showing interest in participating at Holiday Matsuri's Idol Festival!

This year we will be accepting applications from Japanese style idols and cosplay dance groups. Idols and Dancers may apply to do original and/or cover performances. Solo and Group performers are welcome.

In the past we focused on bringing 2D to real life as close as possible. That is still a -main- focus for our event but as the needs of the community continue to grow and change we would like to welcome more types of idols to our stage. The current goal for HolMat IdolFest is to become an unforgettable event where those in the idol community bring out their biggest and flashiest, from costumes to performances, as EXTRA as possible!

If chosen, performers will receive one guest pass per member to Holiday Matsuri 2019.

Our staff intend to work closely with the chosen performers to create custom stage lighting and background videos for your performance. You may also choose to create your own Background Video.

Requirements for Performers:
- We recommend all members to be 15 years of age or older by December 13th, 2019 to perform in IdolFest.
- Those under the age of 18 must receive parent or guardian consent to perform.
- You must complete all of the paperwork and provide information, music, and media needed by October 31st, 2019.
- You must adhere to all of the Convention Policies, Rules and Guidelines listed on the website.
- If chosen you or your group will be asked to create a video to announce your participation at HolMat IdolFest to be shared publicly.

Performance Requirements:
- Idols doing a cover performance must cosplay and dance from a selected Idol Group of their choice (Anime, Game, or other Japanese Idol Origin)
- Idols featuring themselves may choose songs to cover and/or original music. A stage costume is required. You may cosplay or create an original design based on your brand.
- The performers set must include an Intro video and Two Songs.
- You may create your own group/stage intro or HolMat staff will work with you to create one.
- NO changes of Songs or Outfits will be allowed after October 15th, 2019.
- All performers will be required to be present and ready to perform at least two (2) hours before the event and stay for the full duration of the event.
- All performers will be required to attend rehearsals Saturday Morning December 14, 2019. (Time TBD)

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Costume Choice *
To ensure no one shows up wearing the same outfits, please list your preferred cosplay like so: Costume/Source Idol Group. You may list your top 5 choices.
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Song Choices *
To ensure no one performs the same number~ Please list the name of your preferred song choices (you may list up to 5). ex. Song/Source Idol Group.
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Performance Video *
Please link a video example of group/yourself performing any routine. If you do not have one now, you may submit it at a later date. Video Submissions are due by October 1st, 2019.
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Will you/your group be performing High Level Physical Activity during your routine? * *
This includes Flips, Cartwheels, Throws, or any kind of Gymnastic Activity. Performers doing this MUST submit videos of their performance/physical ability to be accepted. Holiday Matsuri is not responsible for any bodily injury caused from these optional physical activities.
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