OrlandoFox Commission Form - Doodle Sheet
Price for these are $250!

Examples can be seen below!

* - These will be made on a 2000x2000 px canvas.

* - I can guarantee that each sheet will contain AT LEAST: (1) full body, (1) bust shot, (1) chibi, and (4) headshots. And of course, I will fit in whatever extra things I can! All in all, you will get what is regularly AT LEAST $350 worth of art from me.

* - NOTE ON TWO CHARACTER INQUIRIES: Please note that, should you request two characters be involved in a sheet, each will have (1) full body, (1) bust shot, (1) chibi, and (2) headshots, and likely not have quite as much space filled out as a single character-- but I will still apply whatever else I can.

* - While I'd appreciate having majority of artistic freedom with expressions/poses to base off of any particular theme you may give me, I will have a description box below where you can give me up to three specific ideas you would like to have included in your page, should you have any.

*PLEASE, have this form completely filled out! No "just reserving my slot", "will send details in later email", etc etc-kind of messages would be greatly appreciated!

* - I know Google forms lack with a file drop, but please provide refs I will need within this form! Imgur links, Dropbox, any image sharing site one can access, etc etc!

Commission Statuses - https://trello.com/b/BAILXBq2/commission-queue-list-orlandofox
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Email *
Alternate method of contact?
When the time comes to get started on your commission, we will send you an email-- but sometimes, those get lost along the way! If you'd like to make sure you don't miss your chance, feel free to provide us with a Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or anything along those lines, and we will send you a message there as well!
What is your name?/How do you want to be referred? *
Doesn't have to be your actual name; can be character or otherwise!
How would you like to pay? *
What payment transaction service would you want me to use to send you an invoice through?
Email? Cashtag? PayPal address? *
Some folks have their PP different from their regular email. Depending on your payment option selected above, please provide appropriate info needed to effectively send an invoice here! Even if it's the same, please type it down here too. :) [NOTE: Paypal addresses are in the form of actual email addresses-- specifically, whichever one is connected to your Paypal account. This can be found in your settings. Paypal.me links and actual addresses are NOT proper Paypal addresses. Thank you!]
(Note-- the prices shown within these are NOT what I'm charging, but rather are to mention what individual costs of each commission type in specific canvases would all add up to be overall!)
The recent help of an assistant means I can now offer TWO different styles of shading! They both cost the same, so feel free to choose whichever you think looks best. Some examples of how the two styles look can be found below, but in general, cel shading looks more "crisp", while normal shading uses "softer" angles.
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Is it of mature rating?
If nothing is marked, it is automatically deemed as a 'no' (unless your commission idea implies otherwise, of course). Do also note, I will refuse to do NSFW emotes, as such explicit content would not be allowed on Twitch's website.
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Does this have a preferred deadline? *
Whether it be for an upcoming birthday, anniversary-- whatever sort of special occasion! Please let me know here and it will be accounted for accordingly, so we can try to attend to it on-time! Please understand that we can't make promises, but we will try our best. The further away the date is, the more likely we will be able to accommodate it!
If "Yes" from previous question, please explain here-- preferred date and a brief explanation!
Ex. "Birthday present", "holiday gift", etc.
Your Reference Sheet! *
Please provide a VISUAL reference below, through a LINK, like from Imgur or Dropbox, or any other similar image hosting site. Would appreciate if all necessary references were shown here, as opposed to attempting to "email later" or through Twitter. It helps me to have everything in one place.
Any particular theme/idea in mind? *
If you have any specific ideas in mind you would like to see included somewhere, feel more than free to let me know here and I will incorporate! Whether more specific like "eating a specific dish" or "they're a grumpy character", I can work with! Otherwise, I would be more than happy take the reigns of everything, no problem. :)
Would you like this to remain private?
Generally, when a commission is finished, I like to post it on Twitter, along with sometimes using it to update my gallery on my website. If you'd prefer that I not post your commission for one reason or another, simply mark "Yes" and I will keep things hush-hush!
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If "no", how would you like to be tagged on Twitter?
Assuming you are okay with the commission being posted publicly once it's finished, how would you like to be tagged in the tweet? Feel free to leave your Twitter handle here, or anything else you'd like to be used. Alternatively, if you don't want to be directly mentioned in the tweet, you can say that too.
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