Open Letter to UK Newspapers, for publication in The Bookseller
We note with sadness the recent cuts and closures that have affected children's books coverage in UK newspapers. We have sympathy for media organisations trying to survive at a difficult time. However, we believe that where newspapers still cover books, a fair proportion of their coverage should go to children's books.

Before these cuts, children's books were receiving just 3% of newspaper review coverage. Yet children's books now account for over 30% of the UK book market. The crucial importance of reading for pleasure at a young age has been well documented, and many authors, illustrators, publishers, booksellers, librarians, teachers and experts feel this is a golden age for children's literature.

At such a time, we believe that national newspapers should cover at least one children's book a week. Weekly coverage is vital to help those who buy children's books to find regular information on a wide range of literature. This is already the stated policy of bestselling newspapers such as The Sun and The Sunday Times, and it has in the past been the policy of others.

We therefore call on all UK national newspapers to commit to covering at least one children's book a week, and to ensuring that children's literature receives a fair proportion of coverage.

Yours faithfully,

SF Said (author, founder of #CoverKidsBooks campaign)
Philip Pullman (author)
Neil Gaiman (author)
Chris Riddell (illustrator, author, Children's Laureate)
Malorie Blackman (author, former Children's Laureate)
Anne Fine (author, former Children's Laureate)
Francesca Simon (author)
David Almond (author)
Frances Hardinge (author)
Philip Reeve (author)
Sarah McIntyre (illustrator)
Kate Saunders (author)
Cressida Cowell (author)
Melvin Burgess (Writer)
Berlie Doherty (author)
Gillian Cross (author)
Kevin Crossley-Holland (author and President of the School Library Association)
Theresa Breslin (Author & 2016 President of CILIPS)
Dawn Finch (librarian, President of CILIP)
Louise Johns-Shepherd (former headteacher, Chief Executive of the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education)
Charlotte Eyre (children's editor of The Bookseller)
Dr Catherine Butler (author and lecturer, Cardiff University)
Wally De Doncker (President of IBBY)
Holly Smale (Author)
Jonathan Stroud (author)
Daniel Hahn (writer, translator)
Annie Eaton (Publisher)
Sue McGonigle (lecturer and co-creator of
Amanda Craig (Author and children's books critic)
Natasha Harding (book editor)
Pie Corbett (education consultant)
Carol Cordall (School Librarian)
Helen Forte (illustrator)
Jayne Truran (Librarian)
Shelagh Toonen (Librarian)
Miranda Dickinson (author)
Michelle Harrison (author)
Bev Humphrey (Literacy & Technology Consultant)
A.F. Harrold (poet, performer, author)
Jan Siegel (author)
Jeremy Strong (author)
Mandy Wilson (School Librarian)
Sarah Yewman (picture book blogger)
David Solomons (author)
Coralie Bickford-Smith (illustrator)
Lesley Watts (School Librarian)
Matt Imrie (Librarian)
Astrid Van den Bossche (researcher)
Sarah Merchant (mother and Specialist Leader in Education)
Tony Murphy (science blogger)
Mango Bubbles Books (11 yr old book blogger)
Jo Bowers (Principal Lecturer in Primary Education: Literacy)
Steve Tasane (author, poet)
Joanna Hughes (Festival Co-Ordinator)
Louise Dobson (Teacher)
Tom Easton (Author)
Elli Woollard (author)
Kirsty Derson (parent)
John-Paul Ringer (Primary School Teacher)
Lucy Bell (16 y/o book blogger)
Catherine Johnson (writer)
Lu Hersey (author)
Yousuf Sajjad (Writer)
Gary Northfield (Author/illustrator)
Jill Murphy and Sue Magee (
Maddy Barnes (teacher)
Jo Cotterill (author)
Louise Neve (Primary Senior Teacher)
Elizabeth Bentley (School librarian)
Kerry Drewery (author)
Sarah Turner (Deputy Headteacher)
Jonathan Emmett (author)
Cathy Cassidy (author)
Eugene Lambert (author)
Daniel Gooding (father and library assistant)
Tanya Landman (author)
Andrea Atherton (teacher)
John Cotter (teacher)
Jefferson Toal (Teacher)
Maureen Boyle (Teacher and writer)
Judy Allen (author)
Nikki Heath (School Librarian)
Alison Baker (Early Childhood Studies lecturer, University of East London)
Elinor Cross (Librarian)
Eoin Garland (Trainer & school governor)
Jo Holden-MacDonald (parent and school librarian)
Anne Akile (Librarian)
Carla Webb (Literacy Leader)
Eleanor Power (Lecturer in Primary Education: English)
Maggie Randles [English teacher]
Nina Simon (Schools Library Service manager)
Dr Mel Gibson (Lecturer and Literacy Consultant)
Ginny Smith (grandmother)
Lynne Coppendale (Librarian)
Chitra Soundar (Author & Storyteller)
Ben Illis (Founder and children's literary agent at The BIA)
Lesley Martin (school librarian)
Claire Hennessy (author, editor)
Alan Gibbons (author)
Tony Bradman (writer)
Farah Mendlesohn (children's book critic)
Gill Butler (English Teacher)
Pip Jones (children's author)
Talya Baker (book editor)
Sophie Cleverly (author)
Anna Wilson (author, editor and lecturer in Creative Writing)
Alison Fenton (School Librarian)
Joan Lennon (author)
Elizabeth Hutchinson (librarian)
Ruth Keys (school librarian)
Christopher Edge (author)
Lisa Wiltshire (Librarian)
Anthony McGowan (author)
Sally M. Brown (writer)
Graham Marks (author)
Penny Swan (School Librarian)
Karen Sands-O'Connor
Bob Stone (Independent author and bookseller)
Adam Horovitz (poet)
Maudie Smith (author)
Chitra Soundar (author, storyteller)
Cathy Forde (author)
Julie Pike (writer and chidren's reading partner)
Susan Piper (writer and teacher)
Nicky Singer (author)
James Nicol (Author)
Kathlyn Crocker (bookseller)
Sarah Matthews (Parent)
K.M.Lockwood (writer, editor, reviewer)
Cilla Martin-Harris (Teacher)
Oran Doyle (Writer)
Linda Sargent (Reader and writer)
Jenna Burtenshaw (author)
Bev Turner (retired School Librarian)
Joy Court (Chair CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medals)
Charlotte Guillain (author)
Zoe Toft (Book Blogger)
Caroline Hunt (School Librarian)
Nathan Reed (Illustrator)
Caroline Fielding (Librarian, YLG London)
Claire Friedli ( School Librarian.)
Clare Mulley
Louise Aldridge (Librarian)
Anne Rue (School Librarian)
Kirsty Gannaway (Librarian)
Stephanie Laird (Primary English Education Lecturer)
Annike Dase (English teacher & librarian)
Lynda Graham (Chair UKLA Book Awards)
Heather Cobb (Early Years Academic)
Marcia Lynx Qualey (writer, critic)
Connor Lavin (Teacher)
Victoria Barton (Locality Librarian)
Barbara Band (School library consultant and CILIP Past President)
Dan Metcalf (Author)
Joanna Marsden (reader)
Danny Spring (writer)
Jo Thomas (writer)
Corinne Gotch (events manager, bookseller)
Julian Gough (author)
Abi Lown (School Librarian)
Jodie Brooks (School Librarian)
Teresa Cremin (Professor of Literacy in Education)
Andy Seed (author)
Anne Gibson (School Librarian)
Polly Atkinson Children's Literature Reader)
John Vincent (Librarian/Networker)
Cat Anderson (children's bookseller)
Carmel Waldron (author)
Peter Snell (Bookseller)
Bee Wyeth (retired bookseller)
Catherine Friess (Book Blogger, Parent, Teacher)
Jen Winn (School Librarian)
Corrina Power (Children's Bookseller)
Annie Everall (Librarian & Director, Authors Aloud UK)
Margaret Pemberton (School Library Consultant)
Jenny Sullivan (author)
Leila Rasheed (author)
Marc Williams (writer)
Sophie Plowden (author and teacher)
Laura Ashford (Librarian)
Odette Elliott (author)
Rikin Parekh (Illustrator)
Tanya Blake (Assistant Principal)
Nigel Quinlan (author)
Dan Thompson (Author)
Claudia Marie Lenart (Author, Illustrator)
Robin Price (Creative Writing
Tracey Needham (Primary School Librarian)
Huw Powell (Author)
Rebecca Lisle (Author)
Holly McCann (Bookseller)
Kathryn Evans (Author)
Teresa Heapy (author)
Carmen Haselup (book blogger)
Phil May (Children's Book Blogger at ReadItDaddy)
Hilary Freeman (author and journalist)
Emily Barwell (Library Manager)
Daisy Johnson (Writer, Researcher, Blogger)
Keith Gray (author)
Robin Stevens (author)
Liz Gloyn (parent and university lecturer)
Vivienne Thomas (Reading Facilitator)
Elizabeth McDonald (Librarian)
Claire Roper (blogger)
Alex English (author)
Jo Anne Cocadiz (children's bookseller)
Katherine Rundell (author)
Stephanie Burgis (author)
Amber Kirk-Ford (Book Blogger)
Sharon Tregenza (Author)
Kathryn White
Lyn Foden (School Librarian)
Prue Goodwin (lecturer in literacy and children's books)
Louisa Reid (Author/English teacher)
Miriam Moss (author)
Elizabeth de Quidt (teacher)
Sarah Corcoran (Editor at )
Kate Wiseman (author)
Hilary Robinson (Author/Radio Producer)
Savita Kalhan (Author)
Lindsay Bamfield-Gee (Speech and Language Therapist)
Madeline Wheatley (retired librarian)
Jo Clarke (School Librarian, Book Blogger)
Michael O Connor (teacher)
Anne Rooney (author; Chair Educational Writers' Group, Society of Authors)
Zoe Kear (English Teacher)
Phil Taylor (Headteacher & CLPE Trustee)
Nikki Sheehan (Author)
Lucy Adlington (author)
Tiffany Lomas (Public Library Assistant)
Nicky Jones (Children's author)
Laurel Remington (author and mum)
Alison Chaplin (Children's Playwright)
Tiffany Haigh (Librarian)
Sam Angus (Author)
Lawrence Schimel (author and translator)
Agnes Guyon (Librarian - past chair of YLG)
Juliet Bryant (Author)
Kate Scott (Author)
S. J. O'Hart (author)
Patricia Lyons (
Marcus Viner (School Librarian)
Mark Burgess (Author/Illustrator)
Sue Harris (Librarian)
Linda Newbery (author)
Zak Collingwood (School Librarian)
Giancarlo Gemin (author)
Lucy Cuthew (author)
Cat Black (Food writer, author, artist)
Rachel Davies (School Librarian)
Maria Trupia (hopeful children's pb writer/illustrator)
Vincent Ripley (Book Blogger
Helen Barker (teacher & literacy specialist)
Nicola Cowling ( School Library Adviser)
Maria South (Teacher)
Rhian Ivory (Author)
Janette de Voil (teacher)
Sue Purkiss (Author)
Kieron Murphy (Teacher, Father, Reader)
Marion Storey (teacher)
Malcolm Wilson (Primary school teacher)
Katrina Charman (Author)
Danuta Kean
Melanie Darbon (writer and artist)
A M Dassu (Writer)
Sam Gayton (author)
Pam Parish (Director, Authors Inspire)
Rhoda Muslim
Anna Halford (Teacher)
Gwyneth Rees (Author)
Gary Morton (teacher)
Ros Asquith (author /illustrator)
Sue Penny (Librarian)
Ann Giles (Children's books blogger)
Nikki Gregerson (Librarian)
Eunice Shaw (Children's Author)
Charlotte Parr (bookseller, book blogger)
Jane Collier (School Librarian)
Katherine Langrish (author)
Lisa Glass (author)
Martha Lightfoot (Illustrator)
Kitty Rooks (Children's Bookseller)
Caron Hotopf (Illustrator)
Sam Watkins (author)
Helen Thompson
Michael Baines (Teacher)
Rebecca Kennedy (English consultant)
Anne Booth (author)
Mary Hoffman (Writer)
Jenny Dee (Literary Festival Director)
Dr Clare Dowdall (lecturer)
Gillian Doherty (writer, editor, parent)
Adam Murphy (cartoonist)
Victoria Walton (Teacher)
Melanie Hodge (Artist)
R Burrows (Library Assistant)
Rosemary Stables (former English teacher & school librarian)
Emma Carroll (author)
John K Fulton (Author)
Lisa Thompson (Author)
Sophie Mayer (writer, critic)
Sarah Lean (author)
Emma Whaler (Teacher)
Karen Horsfield (Librarian)
Lucy Hounsom (Author, bookseller)
Celeste Rhoads (Librarian)
Lisa Williamson (Author)
Joy Ellis (Author)
Anne Worthington (Children's Librarian)
Nicky Parker (Amnesty publisher, CLPE trustee)
Laura Sheldon (author and teacher)
Alison Brumwell (Librarian and writer)
Rachel Caddick (teacher)
Lesley Parr (writer, student, teacher)
Heather Wright (teacher)
Hope Dickson Leach (Filmmaker and parent)
Alice Sutherland-Hawes (Agent's Assistant)
Shellie Horst (Author & Story-Craft founder)
Liz Brough (teacher)
Peter Bunzl (author)
Sunil Kalhan (IT Manager)
Anna Tomlinson ( parent, book blogger, teaching assistant )
Mélanie McGilloway (school librarian, book blogger)
Tracy Hager (Librarian)
Ross Montgomery (Author)
Jon BIddle (Patron of Reading)
Lydia Brown (Blogger)
Lara Smith (Teacher)
Maz Evans (author)
Sylvia Crowder ( Senior Lecturer Primary English EHU
Megan Bourne (blogger)
Vivienne Dacosta (book blogger)
Tracy Rowland (primary school Librarian )
Ruth Ng (Librarian)
Anna Higgs (parent & Creative Director)
E M Tears
Jess Butterworth (Author)
Alexandra Steward (School Librarian)
Sue Williamson (Librarian and Book lover)
Kate Hamer (writer & teacher)
Alex Milway (Author)
Iram Sabir (Teacher, parent)
Paul Merchant (British Library)
Yvonne Connikie (film programmer)
Sarah Davies (Librarian)
Robert Welton (School Librarian)
Dr Dimitra Fimi (Senior Lecturer in English, children's literature module leader)
Gill Duncan ( English teacher)
Tracy Brown (School Librarian)
Margaret Bateson-Hill (author)
Julie Ballard (Writer, Children's Book Blogger)
Kathryn Evans (Teacher)
Amanda Ellingworth (Bookseller)
Julia Lee (author)
Sarah Ash (Author & former school librarian)
Gillian Ward (Librarian)
Catherine McNally (Librarian)
Melanie Prince (Bookshop Owner & Costa Book Award Judge)
Jeannie Waudby (author)
Gillian Haxell (School Librarian)
Lynda Clapham (school librarian)
Sharon Dixon (librarian)
Maura Farrelly (Librarian and reader)
Line Langebek (writer)
Farrah Dryden (film facilitator)
Ilona Aronovsky (author & primary history teaching consultant))
Janet Foxley (Author)
Thomasin Freeman (parent)
Cheryl Wolf (School Librarian)
Kathleen Galarza (Retired school librarian)
Clare Brumpton (School Librarian)
Karen Shaw (School Librarian)
Sam Fisher (bookseller)
Martha Djang (School Librarian)
Rosie Morris (Teacher)
G.A. Taylor (classroom assistant)
Alex Wheatle (author)
K.E.Minto (Author)
Tamsin Rosewell (broadcaster & bookseller)
Kirsty Sullivan (Museum educator, primary teacher, parent)
Gill Lewis (author)
Bonnie Duffield (Teacher)
Vashti Hardy (writer)
Kathryn Boothroyd (Library Service Development Manager and North West ASCEL Chair)
Mark Stay (author)
Claire Burgess (author)
Vanessa Harbour (Writer & Lecturer)
Lesley Hurworth (Chair Doncaster Book Awards Ltd www. doncasterbookaward. Net)
Sally Smith (CEO, Peeple)
Karin Celestine (author)
Anne Thompson (School Librarian)
Tracy Darnton (writer)
Marian Newman (TA)
Jenny Hawke (Librarian)
Meredith Vigh (author and parent)
Nick Swarbrick (Principal Lecturer, School of Education, Oxford Brookes U)
Melissa Hudson (Parent and teacher)
Suzanne Bhargava (School Librarian)
Jake Hayes (Writer
Cathryn Throup (Headteacher)
Kate Quirk (writer)
Sue Polchow (Literacy & Library Adviser)
Tracy Parvin (senior lecturer and president elect UKLA)
Janine Barnett-Phillips (Teacher & writer )
Lorna Murphy (author/illustrator)
Charlotte Teeple Salas (writer)
Wendy Miller-Williams (Librarian)
Victoria Woolfe (vet and writer)
Ana Salote (author)
Catherine Bee (reader)
Helen Moss (author)
Susie Symes (Chair of Museum of Immigration)
David Robinson (English Teacher and co-founder of Nord Anglia's Global Library)
Sophie Clarke (children's books radio show host)
Stella Thebridge (librarian)
Elaine Wickson (writer and mum)
Christina Cameron (teaching assistant)
Stephanie Cox (Editorial Assistant at children's book publisher Award Publications)
Matthew Pegg (Writer and Publisher)
Joanne Barrett (Parent)
Roy Gill (author)
Sarah Tipler ( Words Count North Lincs Council)
Nick Barrett (Parent)
Alom Shaha (teacher)
Jennifer Bell (Author)
Rachel Ward (Author)
Tom Percival (author/illustrator)
Fen Coles (Letterbox Library)
Joel Stewart (Author/Illustrator)
Sarah Ward (mother and teacher)
Ruth Doyle (writer)
Vivian French (author)
Jessica Levick (parent & filmmaker)
David Meggs (Sales Manager, Award Publications)
Deborah Conway Read (retired Head Teacher)
Lucy Courtenay (author)
Lindsey Fraser (Literary Agent)
Kristen Harrison (Curved House Kids)
Catriona Gunn (writer/communication support worker)
Tanya Efthymiou (School librarian)
Linda Davies (author)
Helen Salmon (Education consultant and former Headteacher)
Sheila Wood
Ian Beck (Author / Illustrator)
Anna Maxwell (Teacher)
Zoe Holder (reader and writer)
Lucy Hawking (author)
Tamsin Cooke (author)
Donald Hounam (writer)
Samuel Berry (Teacher)
Daniel Scotcher (teacher)
Heidi Meeke (Secondary English teacher)
Sarah Brown (book blogger)
Diane Horne (author)
Faye Bird (author)
Becky Walker (children's fiction editor)
Gill Evans (Primary Headteacher)
Tricia Gilbey (writer/teacher)
Vicky Haig (mother, teacher, bookseller)
Row Martin (teacher)
Emma Broddle (speech and language teacher)
Sarah Hastelow (kid book publicist)
Mimi Thebo (author)
Jill Bennett (reviewer/blogger/teacher)
Helen Smith (Assistant Headteacher)
Jane Etheridge (Chair Federation of Children's Book Groups)
Tricia Adams (Director, School Library Association)
Caroline Heywood (teacher)
Mel Henderson (Deputy Head)
Kerry Tonner (Teacher)
Imogen Easton (student)
Sarah Layhe-Humphreys (Headteacher)
Rowena House (author)
Rachel Green (teacher)
Tara Roberts (artist /support worker)
Lucy Sweetman (writer & lecturer)
Lisa Feldman (headteacher)
Karen Cartwright (student teacher, parent)
Claire Teece (teacher)
Valerie Smith (Teacher/School Librarian)
Helen Nelson (Teacher)
Ottilie Macpherson (Primary Teacher)
Jade Frederick (teacher)
Laura Dalling (teacher)
Zana Fraillon (author)
Jackie Morris (mother who writes and does colouring in)
Howard Cotton (university lecturer)
Darren Chetty (teacher/researcher)
Sarah Logan (teacher)
Eleanor Brough (Assistant editor, reader, writer)
Jo Nolan (mother and linguist)
Dawn Burton (teacher)
Chiara Marletto (quantum physicist)
Christina Banach (author and former head teacher)
Linda Dawson (Reading Recovery teacher leader)
Natalie Hough (teacher)
Sarwat Chadda (author)
Daisy Hirst (Author/Illustrator)
Adriana Pray Haines (Founder/Director Pea Green Boat Books)
Anne Cassidy (Writer)
Ele Nash (Writer and Artist)
Meredith Wilson
Julia Green (author and lecturer)
Claire Warren (School Librarian)
Melanie Doran (Primary Teacher & Mother)
Andrea Sorsby (Teacher)
Philip Downer (book retailer)
Gavin Extence (Author)
Jo Gosling (teacher and avid reader of children's books)
Nicola Griffith (Primary School Librarian)
Nicola Davies (Writer)
Lesley Ely (Author, former headteacher)
Julie Potton (Children's Services Manager)
Wendy Constance (author)
Joan Walker (blogger wherethebooksare)
Mel Rogerson (writer)
Marthe Jocelyn (writer, illustrator, reader)
Stephanie Barrett (Stripes Publishing)
Fiona Jessop
Terri Windling (author & editor)
Sheila M. Averbuch (reader & writer)
Lizza Aiken (Joan Aiken estate)
Ali MacGillivray (teacher)
Susan Brownrigg (museum learning o/writer)
Jill Atkins (author & former teacher)
Margaret McAllister (author)
Nikki Brice (editor)
Susan Windram (editor)
Rosalie Warren (author)
Lucy Christopher (author and lecturer in Creative Writing)
Jane Gill (head teacher)
Alice Lickens (illustrator & author)
Kevin Molloy (teacher)
Sandra Horn (writer)
Francesca Armour-Chelu (author and librarian)
Liz Flanagan (author)
David Owen (author)
Penny Kendal (author)
Rebecca Allan (artist)
Sally Nicholls (author)
Heather Hall (Teacher, Mother)
Ellie Warren (book blogger)
Laura Myers (Publishing Manager, children's publishing)
George Poles (Writer and Script Editor)
Donna David (reader, parent, aspiring writer)
Katrina Northern (Publisher)
Sue Eves (writer & illustrator)
Adele Geras (writer)
Susan Elkin (Journalist and former secondary teacher)
Clare Smith (editor, reader and parent)
Lorraine Gregory (author)
Jennifer Hillyard (Librarian)
Jane Rendle (Manager ARCh - Assisted Reading for Children)
Simon Smith (Headteacher)
Gail Padfield (Deputy Headteacher)
Barbara Henderson (Teacher/Writer/Book Blogger)
Pauline Francis (author)
Laura Carter (publisher)
Erica Shaw (parent and teaching assistant)
Daphne Tonge (blogger and Illumicrate owner)
Gina Bensley (Mum and Teacher)
Ellen Renner (author)
Tessa Stone (CEO, Farms for City Children)
Daniel Benneworth-Gray (book designer)
Leah Woods (publisher)
Karen Barnes (school librarian)
Sian Rowles (Challenge Adviser)
Chris Routh (School Librarian)
Denise Reed (School librarian)
Alastair K Daniel (University Lecturer)
Chatlotte Hills (teacher)
Michelle Fairhurst (Teacher)
Tania Unsworth (author)
Jennifer Parsons (Lecturer)
Alex Gutteridge (author)
Jackie Marchant (author)
Lyndsey Allsopp (Deputy head)
Nizrana Farook (writer)
Beverley Naidoo (author)
Emma Perry (writer, teacher, reviewer)
Anna McKerrow (author & Children's Book Review Editor)
Pippa Goodhart (author)
Michaela Browse (Teaching Assistant & Book Blogger)
Anna Fairhurst (headteacher)
Sophie Stubberfield (teacher and avid reader)
Laura Davies (aspiring writer/picture book blogger)
Kate Peebles (Writer/Children's Books Enthusiast)
Mike Owen (Reader, Parent, Teacher)
Emma Rea (author)
Jane Stemp (librarian and writer)
Sheila Armstrong (Teaching Assistant)
Stephanie Robinson (Teacher)
Pippa Wilson (Writer, book blogger, teacher)
Martin Horton (Writer and Librarian)
Matilde Sazio (Illustrator, writer, passionate lover of books)
Wendy Worley (writer, reviewer)
Finian Black (writer, reader, parent)
Charlotte Norman (bookseller and editor)
Patrick Samphire (author)
Katherine Lunn (human, reader, educator)
Sarah Williams (reader)
Deborah Allwright ( Illustrator )
Ferelith Hordon (Librarian - Children's)
Maree Watkins (Librarian)
Hazel Gray (retired teacher)
Jude Pullman (Granny and reader)
Fiona Collins (retired lecturer)
John Owen Theobald (author)
Chelley Toy (Blogger)
Emma Reynolds (author / illustrator)
Kim Howard (Bookstart Co-ordinator, Writer & Library Assistant)
Natalie Smillie (Illustrator)
Meg McLaren (author/illustrator)
Magda Brol (Illustrator)
Dennis Hamley (author, teacher, editor)
Miriam Halahmy (author)
Greg Dobbins (author)
Rebekah Hughes (parent & retailer)
Ian Billings (writer and kid's comedian)
Joyce Cochrane (bookseller)
Steve Weatherill (author, illustrator)
Claire Eskriett (parent and librarian)
Jenny Rees (writer)
Malcolm Rose (author)
Jo Franklin (author)
Stacey K (Early Childhood Educator)
Anne Colledge (author)
Tracy Hart (AHT primary school)
James Minter (Author)
Jennifer Grand-Scrutton (teacher)
Sam Pett (School Librarian)
Sophie Anderson (Writer)
Chloe Daykin (author)
Gillian Perry (Retired Children's Bookseller Volunteer Listener to Reading in my local School)
Matt Brown (author)
Jo Cummins (literacy co-ordinator)
Claire Watts (author/editor)
Daniel Heath Justice (writer and university professor)
Cynthia Murphy (Teacher/Writer)
Georgia Ryan (teacher)
Charlotte Moore (book blogger)
Maxamillian John (editor)
Susan Reuben (editor)
Nick Tankard (Illustrator & Bookseller)
Frances Trimming (School Library Service Librarian)
Sarah Hodge (School Librarian)
Ann-Marie Howell (writer)
Elys Dolan (Author/Illustrator)
Janetta Harvey (
Penny Dolan (author)
Sangu Mandanna (author)
Jennifer Lawford-Cuff (Teacher)
Paula Taylor (Primary School Teacher)
Tony Taylor (Deputy and Primary School Teacher)
Annie Dalton (author)
Kieran Larwood (author)
Li Chan (library assistant)
Joy Lawn (YA literature columnist the Weekend Australian)
Katherine Chandler (library assistant & mother)
Shoo Rayner (children's author and illustrator)
Polly Ho-Yen (author)
Juliet Rix (author, journalist)
Bethany Sawford (Trainee teacher and teaching assistant)
Jane Eagland (Author)
Emma Purshouse (writer and performance poet)
Dawn Woods (Librarian)
Angela McAllister (author)
Dawne Palmer (Clinical Psychologist/writer)
Maria Tunney (Editor, Walker Books)
Tessa Trabue (Campaigner, Let Books Be Books)
Ingrid Turner
Liz Smith (Librarian)
Polly Pattullo (publisher)
Sally Dring (School Librarian)
Sarah Wedgbrow (Secondary School Librarian)
Caroline Lloyd (Librarian)
Nicola Skinner (writer, mother, avid reader)
Sally Hamerton (Primary School Librarian)
Matt Ralphs (author)
Jackie Cairns (School Librarian)
Andrew Hall (reader & book blogger)
Jesse Owen (Book Blogger)
Darren Owens (Book Blogger)
Lynne Wheater (Librarian)
Katharine Corr (author)
Lance Christopher (Bookseller)
Nikki Marsh (IBBY UK)
Samra Arshad (Teacher)
Kara May (writer)
Tara Button (reader and author)
Jo Robinson (Teacher)
Shrewsbury Bookfest
Bee Huntley (Teacher)
Jayne Davidson (School Librarian)
Brenda Parkhouse (Bookseller)
Thornton Rigg
C.J. Busby (author)
Martha Lee (Librarian)
Claire Fayers (author)
Brian Moses (Poet, writer, anthologist)
Fiona Undrill (reader, author, editor, parent)
Katrina Lucas (Teacher)
Helen Crawford-White (Book designer & illustrator)
Sean Taylor (children's author)
Kirsty Illman (parent)
Benji Davies (author-illustrator)
Karyn Phillips (teacher)
Geraldine Feehily (Publicity & Marketing in Publishing)
Ruth Waterton (Primary School Librarian)
Aimee Layton (blogger/aspiring teacher)
Matthew James Publishing (Publisher)
Kate Howard (teacher)
Steve Hird (editor)
Ben Norland (Art Director, Walker Books LTD)
Milly Blackmore (author)
Moira Young (author)
Kirsten Grant (World Book Day)
Emma Petfield (Book Blogger)
Amandeep Singh (bookseller)
M. G. Leonard (author)
Dorie Simmonds (Literary Agent)
Jo Welch (author)
Catherine Wilkins (children's author)
Sarah Lawrance (Collection Director Seven Stories the National Centre for Children's Books)
Ruth Bennett (Editor, Stripes Publishing)
Jane Churchill (children's book consultant)
Bridget Martindale (
Chay Hawes (Illustrator)
Helen Hughes (publishing assistant)
Ruth Hatfield (author)
Joe & Willow (Really Big Pants Theatre Company)
Bibi Bakare-Yusuf (Publisher, Cassava Republic)
Laurie Fuller (Writer)
Stephen Briggs (author, playwright)
Sarah Lodge (children's bookseller)
Nicola Donoghue (bookseller)
Tim Collins (author)
Mohammed Kasim (intern)
Natasha Brown (Editorial Assistant)
Rebecca Carter (Literary Agent)
Daniel Whelan (author)
Jane Fincham (newspaper reader)
Darren Perks (Teacher/Reader)
Louise Dodsworth (Mum and Reading Mentor)
Francesca Burke (writer)
Ian Winchester (Reader, Father)
Michael Corry (Historian)
Lisa Davis (Children's Book Purchaser)
Julie Bertagna (Author)
Jo Unwin (Literary Agent)
Ian Foulger (Author, reader)
Jane Brimble
Paula Knight (Author, Illustrator)
Wenda Davies (primary school teacher)
Maia Moore (book blogger)
Amber Lee Dodd (author)
Katie Turrell (School Librarian)
Kirsty Stanley (Book Blogger, OT and writer)
MG Harris (Author)
Emil Fortune (editor)
Nick Campbell (reader, writer and student)
Drema Drudge (writer)
Caroline Lloyd (librarian)
Miriam Craig (writer)
Rhonda Finlayson (Reader)
Swapna Haddow (Author)
Kim Wallis (librarian)
Kate Wilson (publisher)
Kaye Wilson (teacher)
Tricia Lowther (parent, campaigner with Let Toys Be Toys & Let Books Be Books)
Kay Rhodes ( English teacher)
Tracey Frohawk (Librarian & CKG Judge 2016/17)
Kate Eccles (parent)
Laura Clay (Author, editor)
Gabrielle Kent (Author, University Lecturer)
Cate Cooper (primary teacher and English Lead)
Lydia Syson (author)
Oisin McGann (Author and Illustrator)
Ally Sherrick (Author)
Hilary McKay (Author)
Claire O'Brien (author)
Antonica Jones (editor, publisher)
Cathy Petersen (Children's Librarian)
Laura Watkinson (translator of children's books)
Catherine Coe (author and editor)
Susie Maguire (author)
Karen McCombie (author)
Amber Caraveo (literary agent)
Sarah Levison (editor and writer)
Jonathan Meres (author)
Simone Greenwood (publisher)
Team Ketchup (Kids Comics Publishing Collective)
Emily Gale (author)
Non Pratt (author)
Olivia Hope (writer)
Susannah Chambers (Family Learning expert)
Daisy Line (Mother, Grandmother, writer, reader and English teacher)
Rebecca Jenkins (book lover)
Sean Edwards (Children's & YP Librarian)
Sammie Steward (Book Blogger)
Rupert Wallis (Author)
Elizabeth Dale (author)
Bali Rai (Author)
Anne Boyere (breastfeeding counsellor, author)
Chris Penny (teacher)
Rosie Godfrey (Author/Publisher)
Marny Barton (retired lecturer)
Vicky Taithe (teacher and writer)
Leigh Barnard (Author)
Christopher Moore (blogger/content executive)
Victoria Addis (Student)
Melinda Salisbury (Author)
Beverley Birch (author & editor)
Hannah Brown (book blogger and writer)
Robert McGinty (parent and writer)
Diane Magras (author)
Claire Symington (parent/student)
Jennie Richmond (writer)
Bethan M Hughes (librarian)
Marjorie Taylor (Reader)
Nicola Freel (mummy & reader)
Joe Craig (author)
Ross Browne (Assistant Headteacher)
Joseph Lamb (Civil Servant and author)
Fleur Hitchcock (author)
Christine Sullivan (Speech and Language Therapist)
Ingrid Spencer (teacher)
Deborah Henshall (teacher)
Rosemary Woodman (librarian)
Katherine Woodfine (author)
Emma Farley (librarian)
Eva Yemenakis (English Teacher)
Samantha Shannon (author)
Nicola Golding (bookseller)
Menna Ellis (student)
Jas Bilan (teacher and writer )
Ella Dench (primary teaching staff, writer)
Alexandra Antscherl (editor)
Isobel Booth (editor)
Laura Oakley (primary teacher)
Ann Longfield (Education Adviser)
Perdita Cargill (author)
Tasha Percy (Senior Editor)
Bryony Davies (editor)
matthew greenburgh (artist)
Colin Hutton (Gimme Books)
Jenny Duffy (bookseller/blogger)
Francesca Brazzorotto (reader)
Gill James (writer for ya and children)
Tatum Flynn (author)
Simon P. Clark (author)
Edwin Root (Father)
Christopher J Hughes (CA and Father)
Cath Howe (author and teacher)
Janet Ross (teacher)
Philippa Leathers (Author/Illustrator)
Kirsteen Watson
Angie Morgan (Author/Illustrator)
Maria Farrer (author)
Catherine Finch (Librarian)
Dani Werner (blogger/MBA student)
Mandy Rabin (teacher/parent)
Emma Finlayson-Palmer (Author)
Castlecroft Writers (Writing Group)
Rebecca Lewis-Oakes (Managing Editor, Egmont UK)
Laura Vile (marketing)
Gill Pawley (Founder: Inkpots Writing Workshops)
Leena Normington (Vlogger)
Joan Pearce (bookworm / mother)
Sophie Green (librarian)
Miranda Walker (Author/Lecturer)
Howard Brazier (Retired)
Rachael Porter (trainee teacher)
Kate Birch (children's creative writing festival coordinator)
David Roche (Publishing)
Joanna Hobbs (bookseller)
Helen Maslin (author)
Karen Coles (writer)
Alison Croggon (Author)
Liz Hyder (Writer and PR)
Molly Ker Hawn (literary agent)
Nick Swarbrick (Principal Lecturer, Children's Lit researcher)
Elizabeth Foster (Author)
Paul Coomey (Art Director)
Eloise Williams (Author)
Victoria Turnbull (author/illustrator/bookseller)
Maria Vassilopoulos (The Bookseller)
Kuldip Dehal (Parent)
Miranda Threlfall-Holmes (author, mum & school governor)
Susan Smith (Parent)
Caroline Carpenter (web editor at The Bookseller)
Aoife Harrison (Children's Bookseller)
Jane Porter (author and illustrator)
Wombourne Writers (Writing Group)
Brian Millar (big kid)
Patricia Elliott (author)
Tom de Ville (screenwriter)
Kate Wakeling (writer)
Virginie Busette (Book reviewer/blogger)
Cathy Fisher (children's book illustrator)
Martin Stewart (author)
Anna Cole (Writer)
Andy Murray (bookseller, Chorlton Bookshop)
Dave Windett (Illustrator)
Kevin Moran (teacher)
Philip Green (teacher)
Nazlin Bhimani (Librarian)
Nathalie Maletic (reader, mum)
Juliet Kendall (Librarian for Children, Young People & Families)
William Sutcliffe (writer)
Gordon Askew (Literacy Adviser/Blogger)
Paula Spence (parent & reader)
Greet Pauwelijn (children's publisher/parent)
Jennifer Macey (retired teacher)
Jo Hull (Primary teacher, mum and avid children's book reader)
Joy Rutherford (Writer/illustrator)
Steve Williams (author and teacher)
Lyni Rowan
Sue Ganz-Schmitt (Author)
Stella Paskins (publisher and editor)
Kim Morris (Illustrator and Art teacher)
Charmian Allwright (Publishing)
Claire Messer (author/illustrator)
Kerry Trickett (home educator)
Kathryn Booth (Teaching Assistant)
Susanna Chen (artist and illustrator)
Louise Lake (author and freelancer)
Shirley Imlach (LSA)
Elizabeth Roy (literary agent)
Katie May Green (author/illustrator)
Myra King (author)
Aline Cole (PhD student)
Clare Rees (headteacher / researcher)
Elizabeth Ash (The Library Campaign Trustee, library campaigner, teacher)
María J. Guarda (illustrator)
Karen Inglis (Children's Author)
Clementine Macmillan-Scott (publisher)
Karen Inglis (Children's Author)
Kirsty Franks (School Librarian)
Elizabeth Newbery (writer and freelancer producer)
Zoë Marriott (Writer)
Emma Fischel (author)
Elizabeth Laird (author)
Ann Thwaite (writer and reviewer)
Sally Scott (Writer and Illustrator)
Rebecca Colby (Author)
Bob Graham (Author)
Ronda Armitage (Writer)
Muz Murray (Author)
Ruby Robinson (poet)
David Wood (author/playwright)
John Shelley (writer/illustrator)
Sally Kindberg (author/illustrator)
Shaun Traynor (author)
Amy Husband (illustrator)
Sarah Bellisario (illustrator/designer)
Alison Tarrant (School Librarian)
Ged Adamson (children's author & illustrator)
Kimberley B. Buck (grandmother, former teacher)
Kate Barton (Librarian)
Ray Dyer (Peters Books and Furniture)
Nikki Sinclair (copyeditor)
Tom Antony Davies (Author)
Boogiedown Brown (Consultant YP)
Georgia Lawe (publicist)
Sophie Waters (blogger, books media)
Caroline Ambrose (Founder, Bath Children's Novel Award)
Jayne Gould (primary school librarian)
Michael Chilcott (editor)
Drew McGovern (designer
Matt Baxter (Designer & Illustrator)
Esme Goodwin (enthusiastic reader)
Paula Wride (Librarian)
Jessica Medhurst (academic)
Lucy Pearson (Lecturer in Children's Literature)
Rachel Smith (Vital North Partnership Manager, Seven Stories and Newcastle University)
Dr Charlotte Beyer (Lecturer)
Sarah Waters (Researcher)
Kimberley Reynolds (Professor Children's Literature, Newcastle University)
Rachel Warkcup (Librarian and trustee of North Children's Book Festival
Stephen Walters (Librarian)
Kate Wiliwinska (children's book designer and big kid at heart)
David Wright (Exhibitions Curator, Seven Stories)
Nicholas Brown (Seven Stories Friend)
Kate Edwards (Chief Executive Seven Stories The National Centre for Children's Books)
Ebba Fredriksen (eng teacher)
Grace Hebditch (Marketing)
Sue Walters (Learning and Participation Coordinator, Seven Stories The National Centre for Children's Books)
Jo Dixon (Librarian)
Sarah McGlynn (Touring Exhibitions Coordinator Seven Stories)
Marzena Currie (Literary Scout, Children's & YA, Eccles Fisher Associates)
Peter Crawshaw (Co-founder and Director Lovereading4kids)
Danielle McAloon (Collections Assistant, Seven Stories)
Euan Monaghan (literary magazine editor, Structo)
Dan Green (author)
Liz Wiffen (designer/author)
Carey Fluker Hunt (Creative Projects Manager, Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children's Books)
Flossie Hunt (Programme Manager, Ignite Accelerator)
Leo Hunt (author)
Saul Argent (Education Manager, Pop Up Projects)
John Beattie (Business Development Manager, Seven Stories - The National Centre for Children's Books)
Anni Berman (Former Teacher and Librarian)
Shirley Everall ( Librarian)
Marge Craig (volunteer at the National Centre for Children's Books)
Nicola Roskell (Teacher)
Karla Pearce (Deputy Head Teacher & Mother of 3 readers)
Ann Bayliss (Volunteer at Seven Stories)
Annabel Wilson (Illustrator & Teacher)
Billy Hunt (GP)
June Kavanagh (Librarian retired)
Claire McVeigh (book designer)
Robert Ellen (book reader)
Abi Elphinstone (children's author)
Debbie Beeks (Seven Stories the National Centre for Children's Books)
Clare Helen Welsh (writer, teacher)
Eleanor Dowley (retired librarian)
Emma de Vries (designer)
Neal Layton (illustrator and author)
Zoe Bloomfield (Founder: Little Owl Book Club)
Tracy Hopkins (parent & editor)
Samantha Bateman (parent & teacher)
Kerry-Anne Hedges (Book lover)
Mandy Vere (bookseller)
Jo Empson (author/illustrator & editor)
Ali Standish (author)
Alex Bell (author)
HM Green (parent)
Andy Shepherd (writer)
Penni Killick (Associate Agent)
Dave Rudden (writer)
Holly Tonks (Editor)
Harman Dev (Teacher)
Chintan Nanavati (Healer & aspiring author)
Griselda Heppel (author, winner of the People's Book Prize)
Sam Whitehouse (writer)
Rachel Clarke (parent)
Rose Mockford (Learning and Participation Sales Coordinator)
Wendy Reed (parent, editor and reader)
Becky Bagnell (Literary Agent)
Emma Donovan (Reader & Owner of Jurassic Books)
Darren Hartwell (blogger & Assistant Headteacher)
Kristina Stephenson (Author/Illustrator)
Linda Sarah (author/illustrator)
Jo Malivoire (writer)
Sharon Marie Jones (children's author)
Ellie Lock (Reader, writer, parent)
Sophie Hutton-Squire (parent and copy-editor)
Dom Conlon (writer)
Alan Dapré (children's author)
Matt Goddard (student, aspiring author-illustrator, & child at heart)
Sue Ransom (author)
Andy Robb (author)
Rob Walton (Writer and teacher)
Keith Mansfield (author)
Kevin Thorne (School Business Manager)
Pam Dix (IBBY UK)
Melanie Pickford (teacher)
Ian Walford (Assistant Head)
Emily Guille-Marrett (Founder Reading Fairy, Publisher, Lecturer CCCU)
Kathryn Kettle (writer)
Carl Cross (school librarian)
Sarah Odedina (publisher)
Steve Palmer (Librarian)
Helen Docherty (author)
Bonnie Bridgman (Author)
Theresa Cutts (Publisher)
Josephine Collins (mother and freelance children's book editor)
Malcolm McNeill (author)
Clare Hibbert (author and editor)

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