Welcome to the traveling Stickers
If you are here then you have been sent the Traveling Sticker mail. This is purely fun and you don't have to participate. If you choose not to, then please follow step 5.

The idea here is to send the letter around the country/world and have each person attach their personal/blog/company sticker onto the sheet. Once you have done that, mail the letter onto someone who you think would like to join in. Don't send it to them blind, make sure you let them know, this way it doesn't get sent to people who don't want to participate.

1) Attach your sticker to the sheet, please don't overlap stickers so that you can't see the other stickers. Some overlap is fine. Try and use stickers that are less then 3in by 3in if possible.
2) Come to this site and fill in the questions. This way I will follow along and know where the traveling stickers are.
3) If the sheet is full and you can't find a spot to put your sticker, then contact me and I will give you my address to send the letter back home. In the envelop put your sticker, your sticker will start the next letter.
4) Take a photo of the sheet with all the stickers and put on social media with the hashtag #TravelingStickers
5) Contact someone who you think would like to join in and mail them the instruction letter and the sticker sheet.

You can use the enclosed rolling dowel to help you roll the sheet up tight. Put an elastic band on it, and stuff into the tube.

Instagram and Twitter
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