1v1 BDX EU Tournament 3.0
1v1 BDX EU Tournament hosted by Tekeii

Hello everyone, I will be hosting the third live streamed BDX tournament for the EU region. Following my previous 2 successful tournament I thought it would be time to do it again!

You can watch the stream here https://www.twitch.tv/tekeiiv

Location: Battle Arena
Channel: Valencia 1
Date: 25th August 2019 - 8:00PM UK Time.
Participants: Currently 32 - potential losers bracket
AP/DP Total: 480
1st Place: £10 gift card
2nd Place:£10 gift card

You will also be able to identify yourself as the best players on EU!

You will be required to confirm attendance the day before, if you do not turn up without letting me know you will be banned from any future tournaments.

To do this message Tekeiii on xbox saying confirmed, or message me on Discord Tekeii#0069 with your family name.

The rules;

HP and MP/WP Pots are Allowed
ALL Buffs are Allowed (Other than Black Stones and Perfumes of Courage/Khalks Elixers)
Fights will be best of 3 (Each round will be 3 minutes, if the fight isn’t concluded after 3 minutes then the stream will vote a winner for that round.)
Black Spirit rage will be passed to a middle man so every fight starts equal.
If you leave the arena you forfeit the round.
If you use emergency escape (“V”) you forfeit the round.


You are more than welcome to attend and watch at the arena, under no circumstances must you enter the Arena unless called upon. If you get involved in anyway then at my discretion every guild member involved in the tournament will become forfeit.

We don’t have a lot of PvP content right now so please don’t ruin it for others, you might find it funny at the time but being unable to do bosses, grind spot or afk anywhere other than a safe zone will become impossible to you. I hope some other guilds will agree with me on this and will also declare on anyone ruining the competition.
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