Lakeside Student Ministry Volunteer Application
MIDWEEK VOLUNTEERS - Come hang out and build relationships at our weekend services. Answer questions at the info booth, help students get connected and involved during the service, or assisting with midweek production.

WEEKDAY OFFICE VOLUNTEERS - Get in behind the scenes and jump into some office fun with the Student Ministries staff.

SMALL GROUP LEADERS - Help students connect with God and each other by facilitating discussions, praying and sharing life together. There are small groups for both middle and high school students.

TRIPS & EVENTS - From summer and winter camps to serving in the Dominican Republic, we have a variety of trips to get involved in - not to mention a ton of amazing local events!

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Hey, Thanks for applying!
Once we have a look at your application we'll get with you on the next steps in becoming a leader in the Student Ministry.

Thanks, I look forward to ministering alongside your awesomeness!
Pastor Ryan

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