Highams Park Food Aid Referral Form

Welcome to the online referral form for applicants in need of "food aid" from the Food Hub managed by Highams Park Food Aid (HPFA) at All Saints Church, Church Avenue E4 9QZ.

Please read the following information below before completing the form:
• In order to be eligible, clients must be resident in Waltham Forest and live in Highams Park or Chingford (North of the A406).
• Clients must be referred by a referee or by another food hub who cover a different locality or who do not have the resources to support this applicant. We do not accept self-referrals.
• The client must be aware of and agree to you making this referral on their behalf. Quite detailed information is required, so you may find it easiest to complete this form with the client.
• A mobile phone number for the client is essential for us to provide information on how to collect food aid. If the applicant does not have a mobile phone, we will need an alternative contact mobile phone number.
• Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provisions, by making this referral it is assumed you (the referee) give permission for your personal data entered on the form to be held by HPFA whilst the client is receiving support from HPFA. If you do not wish your details to be retained please email highamsparkfoodaid@gmail.com

Please make the prospective client aware of the following:
• We do not charge or ‘means test’ for this service, as it is for anyone finding themselves in need at this time.
• If they are already receiving food from another food bank they are not eligible to apply unless the other food bank is no longer able to support them. In such cases we will only take referrals directly from the other food bank as we will need to understand why they can no longer meet their needs.

The Food Hub operates between 11:30am – 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at All Saints Church. We will contact the applicant to check their details with them within a week of a referral being received. At that point they will be asked to make a GDPR declaration so we can retain their personal data and share it with other food banks, if appropriate:
• The applicant will be issued with a time slot on either Tuesday or Thursday to collect their food.
• If an applicant cannot make their allocated slot time, they can ask for it to be rearranged.
• We encourage all clients to attend in person so they can chose the items they require. We do not issue 'standard’ food packages.

Please complete every section. If a question does not apply please write N/A or enter the number zero ("0") on the answer line.

Please click on the continue button below to complete this form. When you have completed the form please click the submit button on the last page of the form.
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