Recovery Unit Support Fund (2020)
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Please read the Guidance Notes for the Recovery Unit Support Fund before completing this form

If you are claiming for more than one Recovery Unit, please complete a separate form for each unit, and apportion costs accordingly
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Is your Recovery Unit registered as a Company or operated on a self-employed basis with HM Revenue and Customs *
If the answer to the above is ‘YES’, please provide HMRC UTR Number
Have you any declared losses incurred in the tax year 2019-2020 which are subject to rebate in the tax year 2020-2021 *
If the answer to the above is ‘YES’, please indicate the amount involved
What is your average monthly expenditure (of eligible items as per guidelines) during the shutdown period against which you are making this grant claim *
Please list how that figure is made up, by topic breakdown and total *
Documentary evidence of all expenditure subject to this grant aid claim is required and must be either uploaded here or sent under separate cover to the BMSTT General Secretary at This should typically include copy of paid invoices or other appropriate evidence of payments made (including copies of such as service or supply contracts where relevant) for eligible items as described in the Recovery Unit Support Fund guidelines.
If you wish other additional non-recoverable and unavoidable costs incurred during the eligible period commencing 17th March 2020 to be taken into consideration by the Awards Panel, please list those here together with details of the particular individual circumstances which demonstrate appropriate need to warrant consideration of your request.
Please list individual enclosures or attachments here to act as a check list
Are there any other relevant comments that you wish to make or any additional information that you would like to bring to our attention at this stage
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I/We certify on behalf of the Applicant that all the information provided in this application, and all information given in any documentation submitted in support of this application is truthful and accurate. I/We hereby further certify that I/we have made full and complete disclosure of all relevant facts relating to the application or its subject matter whether supportive of the application or otherwise. I/We undertake to inform the British Motor Sports Training Trust fully and immediately in writing of any material amendment or changes in the circumstances of the Applicant or any part of the subject matter of the application which may in any way affect the application whensoever and howsoever arising.

In return, the Trust acknowledges the confidential nature of some of the information that is requested for the Applicant to provide, and confirms that the British Motor Sports Training Trust, its Trustees, Officers and Assessors will fully respect the confidentiality of any and all information provided.
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