Volunteer Form - International Steampunk Symposium 2019
The International Steampunk Symposium is accepting applications for volunteer work at the convention.

In appreciation of 12 or more hours of volunteer work at the International Steampunk Symposium, we can offer volunteers a full weekend badge for the convention.

Applying to volunteer places you in our Volunteer Pool which we will draw from based on available opportunities; unfortunately we can not guarantee a position for all who apply.

Thank you for wanting to help make the International Steampunk Symposium a great experience for all attendees.

Age *
Volunteers need to be 18 or older, no exceptions please.
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A smartphone is required to volunteer at the ISS.
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Please provide name, phone number, and relationship to you (i.e: significant other, family, friend) of your emergency contact
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Please check the time slot for which you are most available.
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Have you previously worked at a Pandora Promotions event?
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Please check the departments for which you would like to be considered (please note that most opportunities are Room Monitors)
Experience *
What prior convention volunteer/staff experience do you have?
Qualifications *
What real world qualifications do you feel would make you an asset to the Symposium?
Restrictions *
Do you have any physical restrictions or limitations that we need to be aware of while you are volunteering for the Symposium? Please explain below, or indicate that you do not have any restrictions or limitations. Do not leave this field blank.
Contact Consent *
Please check your agreement to each of the provisions listed below.
Background Check *
The safety and well-being of attendees, vendors, presenters, volunteers, and staff is our highest priority. As such, all staff & volunteers agree to submit to a 3rd party background check prior to acceptance to the Symposium Crew.
Drivers License or State ID Number *
Provide State/Number/Expiration Date. ( Example: KY P14542448 11-04-2018). Indicate if it is a State ID or a Drivers License. SOME FORM OF ID MUST BE PRESENTED TO BE CONSIDERED AS A VOLUNTEER CANDIDATE.
Orientation Requirements *
I understand that I must attend an orientation session prior to the Symposium in addition to my 12 hours volunteering for a weekend badge.
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