#GreyPower Climate Emergency Challenge - BRISBANE Registration
The GreyPower Climate Emergency Challenge involves ACTION and VOTE CHANGING for 50 DAYS STRAIGHT leading to the Federal election.

We have chosen the newly marginal electorate of Brisbane. We want REAL CLIMATE ACTION, including NO NEW COAL. The challenge will also occur in other key seats in different cities.

Actions start on Thursday March 28. A majority of days will be visual peak-hour protests and voter engagement in strategic locations. There will also be creative and bold escalations within the electorate to grab media and social media attention.

Anyone who registers as a participant will be invited to contribute. If you have an idea, you can be supported to run with it. It could be as simple as a road-side protest with a special theme.

If you'd like to participate for one or more days, please fill out this form!

Our strategic aims include:
* Media focus on the electorate and climate change as an election issue, using #GreyPower messaging
* Help influence the outcome of the seat through media narrative and voter engagement
* Recruit older people to the movement and direct them towards grassroots groups
* Train both new and experienced participants in bolder tactics to accompany the 50-day protest
* Bolder actions to get media attention and disrupt unfriendly politicians and their staff during the busy election period
* Present our #NoNewCoal demands to politicians, parties, media

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