Thumbnail Designer
I'm Noah Kagan and was #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint and now Chief Sumo at Sumo Group. I want to add YOU to the squad.
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1 - Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. 2 - What's the title of the most recently uploaded video?
Look at my most recent videos. Which video do you think has the best thumbnail? (Include link).
Look at my most recent videos. Which video has a thumbnail that can be most improved? Redesign that thumbnail. Include the original video link AND your new design below. (Here's our B-Roll Master folder:
Provide a link to one of the BEST thumbnails you've designed yourself.
Below is a Google Doc video script for a new video we're creating... Based on the script and title, come up with 2 epic thumbnail options. SHOW OFF your design skills! Link the new thumbnails you create. Script: (B-Roll Master folder:
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