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My name is Sean Stallings, and I love to learn. I am always open to a coffee or lunch with someone who feels the same.

I will do my very best to give you a couple of weeks notice before I am in your area. Keep in mind that I may be in your area next month, or it may be five years from now. I do travel a lot, and I have been known to visit a place just to meet someone interesting.

Please note: I am only interested in meetings where the free exchange of ideas from a mindset of individual growth take place. If you want to use this as an opportunity to get a sale or have me introduce you to someone else, this will not be a fruitful meeting for you. I am not looking to sell you on my products or services (I don't have any you'd want) and I am not interested in that from you, either.
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Here's me: I'm Sean. I'm 47 and married with no children. I grew up in an orphanage. Went to school for physics, economics and accounting at WKU. I've started seven companies and I currently manage a portfolio of certification companies in Durham, NC. I travel extensively, both for work and pleasure. I'm into photography and watches. My current focus is on learning to become a turnaround specialist. I love building self-healing systems and processes, dynamic teams and learning what makes individuals tick. My ultimate bucket list item is to start a self-sustaining home for unwanted kids.
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