Let's have coffee!
My name is Sean Stallings, and I love to learn. I am always open to a coffee (or lunch or virtual meeting) with someone who feels the same.

What follows is a form I ask each person to fill in pre-coffee. It helps us learn a little about each other. I will also list some of the questions I will ask at our coffee (some folks, like me, like to be better prepared for meetings).

Please note: I am only interested in meetings where the free exchange of ideas from a mindset of individual growth takes place. If you want to use this as an opportunity to get a sale or have me introduce you to someone else, this will not be a fruitful meeting for you. I am not looking to sell you on my products or services (I likely do not have any you would want) and I am not interested in that from you, either.

I look forward to our coffee!
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