Church Leader Survey for the Vision Planning Team of the Baptist Convention of New York
You are invited to offer your personal responses to this survey. It will help the Vision Planning Team of the Baptist Convention of New York (BCNY) with their work as they seek to prepare a proposal to the state convention meeting in September 2019 that will recommend the next ten years of effective ministry to the glory of God.

This is our second survey. (The first survey was conducted in January). If possible, please respond by Wednesday, April 24th. Feel free to pass this survey on to other church leaders in your congregation.

We ask you to identify yourself on this survey, but this in only for the purpose of knowing from whom we have received responses. All responses will only be reported out in a summary form. This survey goes directly to George Bullard in Columbia, SC who is the consultant for the Vision Planning Team and individual responses will not be seen by anyone else.

IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ THE NEXT TWO PARAGRAPHS CAREFULLY!! After some questions about who you are, there are TEN STRATEGIC VALUES the Vision Planning Team is working on at the current time. You are asked to to respond to the following question for each of these ten strategic values:

"In Your Opinion, On a Scale of 1 to 10 with 1 Being Low and 10 Being High, How Important is this Strategic Value to the Future of BCNY , its associations, and its congregations/churches?"

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1. The work of the state convention and associations will focus primarily on three priority strategies in support of the life and ministry of congregations—Church Planting and Revitalization, Evangelism, and Leadership Solutions. The realization is that in the current era of denominational work that state conventions and associations did not have the resource base to address all issues facing congregations and can make a greater impact by focusing on these three areas.
2. The state convention and associations should together develop a covenant that states how they would support the life and ministry of new and existing congregations and suggest how congregations could covenant with the life and ministry of the state convention and associations. Congregations would be asked to commit to this covenant as part of their overall commitment to the work of the Kingdom of God from the base of BCNY.
3. The state convention and associations should work together to develop Church Response Teams (CRTs) to respond to the Church Planting and Revitalization, Evangelism, and Leadership Solutions opportunities and challenges faced by congregations as they seek to reach their full Kingdom potential.
4. Beyond the typical structure of the state convention and the associations, it is recognized that grassroots movements such as local networks are emerging particularly in some urban areas that call for localized strategies that create opportunities for gospel saturation in defined geographical areas or among affinity groups such as various ethnic groups. These less formal, but agile approaches will be encouraged and supported by the CRTs in response to requests.
5. A foundation for the new, tighter focus of the state convention and associations that will be launched and emphasized in the first three years of living into the story is an emphasis on spiritual revival and awakening person-to-person, church-to-church, association-to-association. It is agreed that an in-depth spiritual commitment to the new things God is doing in and through Baptists in the three-state area of the BCNY is essential to a prophetic and challenging response to the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.
6. Storytelling is an essential value that supports all the work of the state convention, associations, local networks, and congregations. Telling “God stories” that highlight what God is doing through Kingdom endeavors by individuals and congregations is a crucial part of creating a family environment throughout our mutual ministry. Homecoming experiences (annual meetings) can be great times of celebrating “God Stories.” A large, dynamic database of people is essential to comprehensive communications and storytelling.
7. While maintaining for at least the first three years the same or similar macro structure of the state convention and the associations, it is determined that a depth of relationship, strategy, and services calls for a coordinated plan of work, the creation and cultivation of the CRTs, regular virtual and face-to-face huddles, and regular communication to develop and sustain a team approach.
8. Leadership relationships are a key currency for the mutual sense of mission that needs to permeate the states, associations, networks. and congregations. Missional engagement that grows out of a deep and prayerful relationship with God, one another, and the context in which we serve will be a higher value than ever before. We are sisters and brothers on mission, and that is claimed as a value for the various homecoming experiences.
9. Funding sources for congregations, associations, and state conventions has shifted. While there has always been some emphasis on developing multiple funding sources, a new effort will be launched to financially support our future. Particularly how the SBC denomination deploys resources back into the state convention and the associations is forcing a new approach to funding.
10. Whether it is called a “homecoming” or not, a whole new understanding as to what an annual meeting of BCNY would look like was felt to be a key part of the new movement starting in the 51st year of BCNY. A much deeper sense of relationship to God, one another, and the mission field of this regional denomination will be a major emphasis of annual face-to-face and virtual gatherings.
Any Comments About the Strategic Values Above, or Anything You Would Like to Say to the Vision Planning Team About Their Work?
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