Kindly read before you proceed with a request, we will not accept the request if it is not done according to the procedure.

1. All requests shall be made at least a WEEK prior to the actual date of the event/meeting/activity. For any further clarifications, please drop us an email at studentaffairs@apu.edu.my

2. PLEASE TAKE NOTE - Booking window will be CLOSED on every TUESDAY @ 6.00pm, prior to the week of request. We shall NOT entertain any requests sent after the mentioned timeline.

3. Any Cancellation to the bookings shall be made 3 days before the actual date.

4. Penalty of RM 50 will be imposed if the event is approved but the logistics requests are made late or if there is no one at the booth.

5. Refundable deposit of RM 50 for cleanliness is to be paid for booth booking. Deduction may be made if cleanliness is not maintained.

6. The status of your booking (pending/confirmed/rejected) can be checked every Friday after 5pm via https://www.studentaffairs.apu.edu.my/forms-and-templates, by clicking on "Request Status" or through the link: bit.ly/APU004.

Personal Data & Privacy Policy;

Your personal data is collected and further processed by APU & APIIT for the following purposes:
· to enable us to supply you with the goods, services and information which you have requested;
· to notify you about changes to our service or the changes to the services you have requested.
· to clarify the nature of request where necessary
· to verify that a request for service is of a genuine nature where necessary.

Your personal data shall be used only in accordance with the purpose and collection of personal data as stated above.
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