Informal Science Education Association of Texas Scholarship Application – 2019 Conference: Resiliency, Rebuilding and Risk-Taking
The ISEA Conference is being held at Camp Aranzazu in Rockport, Texas on February 20 - 22, 2019. The ISEA is offering scholarships to conference attendees who demonstrate need for financial assistance. Scholarship recipients will attend sessions, provide assistance during the conference, and be asked to share reflections from these experiences. These reports will be published in newsletters and/or social media. You can find past newsletters here:

The scholarship application deadline is extended through December 20, 2018.

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ISEA strives to connect with the broad and diverse populations of Texas. Tell us how you reach out to the diverse needs of your community through your programming.
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Please provide an explanation of your financial need.
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Lodging is available onsite at Camp Aranzazu. Depending on need, scholarships may be available to cover registration & lodging costs with additional support to cover some travel costs.
Important Dates:
Application Due: December 7, 2018

Notification of Accept or Decline: December 21, 2018

Early Bird Conference Registration ends: mid January 2019

If I am chosen to receive a scholarship for the 2019 ISEA conference, I agree to the following:
*Accept/Decline the scholarship in a timely manner.
*I understand that the scholarship is NOT transferable.
*Assist board members with conference duties as assigned.
*Provide a summary of my experience at the 2019 ISEA Conference.
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