Sawtooth 2020 Interest Form
Are you interested in playing club ultimate with the coolest Men's team in town? Perfect, you came to the right place! Please fill out the interest form below. But first, some information:

Tryouts are currently a combination of pod practice/tryouts starting May 19th and then a planned Tuesday/Thursday tryout in June.
(flexible with CDC recommendations due to health and safety)
What to expect: Warmup, quick discussion, drills and fitness combine, individual match ups, some play
What we are looking for: Effort, good play within your skill set, attitude, fitness level, coach-ablility and ability to fill a role.

Practices are generally 6:00PM-8:00PM Tuesday and Thursday

Tournament Schedule: (all are tentative)
Eugene Summer Solstice: June 26-27th, Eugene OR
Select Flight Invite - July 11-12th, Norco, CA (near LA)
Scorcher - July 25-26th, Boise ID
Camping Trip - August ??-?? (depends on Ski Town dates), Sawtooth National Forest
Boating Trip - August ??-?? (same), Lucky Peak Lake
Ski Town Classic - August 22-23rd (90%), Salt Lake City, UT
Sectionals - Sept 11-12th, Boise ID
Regionals - Sept 26-27th, TBD
Nationals - Oct 22-25th, - San Diego, CA
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Do you have any scheduling conflicts that you know about (vacations, work trips, prison sentences..) and if so, when?
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What one song gets you pumped?
Thanks for filling out the form. Excited for the 2020 season and beyond
Sawtooth Captains:
Justin Warnecke aka "J-dub"
Matt Gossard aka "Gossard"
Mike Beacham aka "Beach"
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