Leadership Board Application
Thank you for your interest in offering yourself to serve in ministry on the Leadership Board. Our time together will help the Nominations and Leadership Development members better discern the most faithful steps in connecting the needs of the church's leadership to those who have offered themselves for consideration to serve.
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Would you start by sharing with us where or how God is working with you currently as a maturing disciple? *
How are your currently being faithful to your membership covenant through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness? *
What is it that has brought you to discern that you are being called into church leadership in this season of your life? *
What excites you most about the possibility of serving on the Leadership Board and why? *
What concerns/scares you most about the possibility of serving on the Leadership Board and why? *
As you know, the church (has made the decision or) has adopted the simplified, accountable structure. What is your understanding of what simplification of the structure means? How would you describe accountable leadership? *
Our strategy is defined as Come Grow Serve. How do you understand that strategy? *
Our values are prayer, love, and leadership. Do you think our church is living into those values? Why or why not? *
The Leadership Board has a big responsibility to lead the church in its mission of making disciples. This is likely to stir up emotions and passion of the various leaders around the table when decisions are made - and rightly so! How will you feel if the Leadership Board makes a decision that you do not personally agree with? (follow up question) Will you be able to support the decision both publicly and privately? How will you do that? *
To sit in the Leadership Board Chair is a very different person than sitting in the pew. This means that some of the conversations and comments that might be appropriate as a congregant might not be appropriate for a board member to say. For example, a board member would not say anything negative about the pastor or other staff members regardless of how the board member felt personally. The board member is an advocate, encourager, supporter, and carrier of the mission and vision of the church. How would you handle a situation when one of your friends or family members who also attend church wanted you to share information, provide your opinion, or allow him/her to talk negatively about clergy or staff? *
The board meets quarterly for about 3 hours and has an expectation that leaders will come to the meeting having reviewed information and reports prior to the meetings. From time-to-time, you may be placed on a work team for short-term projects to assist the board in their work. Are you willing and prepared to make this type of commitment for a three-year period? *
If your were to serve on the Leadership Board, what would be your hope for your leadership ministry while serving? What would you like to accomplish or see happen? *
What question should we have asked that we didn't? *
What questions do you have for us? *
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