Data Liberation Project Volunteer Form
It's wonderful to have your interest in volunteering with the Data Liberation Project — thank you! After you fill out the form below, we'll contact you with specific suggestions for participating, based on the the answers you provide below.
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How would you like to help?
The Data Liberation Project welcomes your help on any of these tasks, regardless of your level of experience. However, if do have substantial experience with any of them, we'd especially like to know that.
I'd like to contribute
... and I also have substantial experience
Researching datasets to pursue
Crafting FOIA requests
Scraping data from websites
Identifying data quality issues
Restructuring/cleaning datasets
Writing documentation
Building public data interfaces
Training people on how to use specific datasets
What programming language(s) do you mainly use (if any)?
Anything you'd like to elaborate on re. your responses above?
Approximately how many hours can you contribute in the next month?
Your answer is absolutely non-binding, and we understand that plans/availability can change. We're just looking for a general sense, so we can tailor volunteer opportunities to your bandwidth.
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