A Yangist's Thought Experiments: 1: Murder, Suicide, Misery

The Scenario:

You are minding your own business on the street. Suddenly, a group of hooded kidnappers force you into a van. The group binds, gags, and hoods you while they drive you to a secret location.

At the secret location, one of the ringleaders removes your hood and pushes you into a room. The ringleader then instructs you to look through a wide window to the adjoining room. In the room, there are two bound and gagged people. The first person personifies all of the things you like or love in the world, all and only those things which give your life any happiness or pleasure, someone who, if lost to you, would ruin your life as you know it. The second person personifies all of the causes of every pain and despair that you've ever experienced and suspect that you will experience, someone who, if eliminated, would greatly relieve your life. They can see you, and you can see them. Everyone knows who everyone is at this point.

Then some henchmen put these people into a bag, commanding them to dress in concealing suits. They emerge, redressed, and look exactly alike, and the henchmen force one person to each side of the room, wherein the henchmen inserts a divider. There's no way to know the identity of either person.

At this point, a henchman introduces you to a simple apparatus. He shows you two levers. The first lever will drop a giant anvil, killing the person on your left side, and it will open the exit on the right side, where the person on the right can escape. The escape is a reliable and instant one, as is the death to the person on the left. The second lever releases an anvil which hovers above you, certainly killing you. If you kill yourself, the fates of the other two people are uncertain.

Given the secrecy of the location and the assumed power you have to silence every kidnapper should they attempt to inform on your murder, you face no further consequences in your lifetime.

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