Volunteer for Masjid Taqwa
Masjid Taqwa is looking for Volunteers to become members of (Mu'adhin, Khidmat, Social Service, Finance, Education, Maintanence) committee's. Who ever is interested to serve the Masjid and be a part of the Masjid Committee may submit this form.
Masjid Taqwa Rules & Regulations
1. This is Tabligh Masjid, the work of Tabligh has highest priority over any activity of the Masjid.
2. All members of the committees should Respect the Imams & the Trustees.
3. Should show love and respect to all members of the committees, Shura & Guests.
4. No committee has any authority to do anything with out written approval of the Amir.
5. No committee is allowed to by pass the Shura & reach out the Trustees.
6. Members of the committee's should support Jamats & Guest Jamats.
7. When any Tabligh activity is scheduled all other activities will be put to hold until further notice.

************************LAST DATE JAN 25th 2019************************

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