BECTU Camera Branch Black, Asian, Ethnic Minorities / Women Camera Crew “Zoom on Up” Networking
To encourage more Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities, and Women/Womxn representation in the UK camera department at all levels, this “Zoom on Up” Networking Session is designed to allow minority camera crew to meet HoDs 1-on-1 across the camera department, including DoPs, Operators, 1st ACs, DITs and Script Supervisors. The goal is to expand known networks, get/give career advice, and create meaningful connections for the future. According to the Equalities Act, job offers cannot be made in these sessions. However, we’d like the networking to be as focused and as goal-oriented as possible, and we will be following up asking for feedback afterwards. Please note that numbers for this event, which will take place July 28th-30th on Zoom, are limited. Applications are due by July 21st, and we will notify you via email if your application is successful. Any questions, please email Your information will need to be shared with event organisers, but otherwise will be kept private. This event is hopefully the first in a series, with a view to expanding it in future to include other underrepresented groups. UK-based applicants only please!
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