Granville Towers Early Move In Request 2019
Please read the information below before continuing:

Granville Towers will have three move in days for incoming and first year students: August 15 (Thursday), August 16 (Friday), and August 17 (Saturday). Upperclassmen residents are eligible to move in starting on Wednesday, August 14. Residents will receive their room assignments in mid - late July. At that time, residents will learn which room and tower they have been assigned for the 2019-2020 year.

For all move in requests that fall before the scheduled move in dates, it is necessary that the resident completes the following form to request early arrival. Granville Towers works with campus-recognized activities that necessitate an early arrival, such as marching band, athletics, ROTC, Carolina Kickoff, August New Student and Transfer Orientation, etc.; however, residents requesting an early move in are required to complete the form below. They may have to provide documentation from their organization that confirms their involvement in one of the approved programs.

If a resident is requesting an early move in for another reason that is not linked to participation in a campus-recognized activity, that individual will be assessed a fee of $50 per night since they are arriving before we officially open. If this option is chosen, the student will need to make arrangements for payment of the fee prior to or at the time of arrival. Information about making this payment will be included in your approval email.

Please submit your early move in request no later than 8:00am on Monday, August 5. Early move in requests will not be granted for earlier than Sunday, August 11, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

PLEASE NOTE: This is simply a REQUEST for early move-in and there is no guarantee your request is approved until you receive official notification via email. Thank you for your patience with this process!
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