Center for School Leadership Project - Clonmel Town Schools Cluster: New Junior Cycle Initiative
Pre Questionnaire April 2019

A project submission by the four Clonmel Town Schools has recently been been accepted by the Centre for School Leadership and work is underway to ensure that this collaborative initiative, committed to strengthening and sustaining links between local schools and developing a forum for shared expertise, realises its full potential. We are committed to developing a pioneering inter-school communication where we will discuss, debate and collaborate on all areas of teaching, learning and assessment in the New Junior Cycle. Your feedback in this survey is invaluable and will further tailor our project to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the process. Thank you in advance for giving your time so this worthwhile project. We will keep you updated.

1.What do you understand by the term CBA (Classroom Based Assessment)? *
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Are you aware of the new grade descriptors for Classroom Based Assessments (CBA`s)? *
3.Do you know how much the Assessment Task is worth? *
4.Are you aware of the new grade descriptors for the final examination? *
5i. Do you understand what is meant by Other Areas of Learning? *
5ii. Are you aware of the extra -curricular activities made available by the school that may be used for Other Areas of Learning? *
6. Is there a final exam in a short course? *
7. Which of the following ways to access information about the New Junior Cycle do you prefer? (you can tick more than one answer) *
8. What do you understand by the term Wellbeing? *
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9.Please tick the New Junior Cycle Key Skills that you feel are most important. (You can tick more than one) *
10. Which of the following Indicators of Wellbeing (New Junior Cycle Programme) do you see feel are most important? (You can tick more than one) *
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