The Tiny Podcast Project : Round 3

The Tiny Podcast Project gives SYN's producers monthly prompts to put their own creative stamp on! You will be asked to make a 1-10 minute podcast (not including credits) that includes the prompt in some way. You can do anything from fiction to nonfiction to mini-monologues! You will have a chance to win either a full 1 year Subscription to Hindenburg Systems OR a $50 JB-HI FI voucher

The Tiny Podcast Project is being made with the assistance of Hindenburg Systems, an audio editing software company. Hindenburg are offering 90 day free trials to all participants .

One major goal of the Tiny Podcast Project is to allow volunteers to publish a piece without the pressure of a larger project. Quality is not the goal here but participation and learning new skills!

There is a lot of info surrounding criteria for upload and the uploading process, all of this will be received after your application via Email at which point you can let us know if you would still like to continue. This Application will be used as an expression of interest and a way for us (the podcast managers, Ollie and Rowen) to stay up to date with who is involved each round.
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Would you be willing to complete a small interview after uploading?
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Are you familiar with Media Law? In regards to SFX and Music licensing.
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Do you know SYN's code of conduct rules? Please list what you must avoid in your pieces. *
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As of July 2020 the SYN Studios are still closed. Are you able to record your piece without the studios?
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What do you want to do for this months Prompt, Mirror?
Your answer is totally allowed to be "I don't know, yet" if that is the case!
Your podcast is Due on Tuesday the 13th of October at 11:59pm. Can you commit to this date? *
Are you aware The Podcast Laboratories happen on the second Monday of the month at 4pm? and that they are there to help you with this project and any other podcasting endeavours you have?
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