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Alan Dunn Masterclass 2
日期:23~25/11 (星期六至一)
時間:9:30am - 7:00pm
導師:Alan Dunn

Alan Dunn Masterclass 2
Date: 23~25/11 (Saturday to Monday)
Time: 9:30am - 7:00pm
Instructor: Alan Dunn
Medium of Instruction: English
Fee: HK$8,200
課程內容 Class Description
在這三天的實作工作坊,糖花大師Alan Dunn將為你帶來驚喜及令你對糖花更著迷!大師會於課堂分享他的糖花秘技和心得,課程內容包括牡丹(Peony)、鐵線蓮(Clematis)、海棠葉(Begonia)、銀蓮花(Anemone)、錐百合(Camassia)及美木芸香(Cape Chestnut)。

- 如何將Gumpaste上色
- 如何推出完美的薄薄花瓣和葉子
- 如何使用正確的矽膠模塑造花心
- 如何正確使用矽膠脈紋模
- 如何結構完美的花朵中心
- 如何使用色粉上色、增加深度和層次
- 如何使用亮光透明漆
- 如何選擇正確的花藝鐵線的粗幼
- 如何使用花藝膠帶
- 還有更多...

*Alan Dunn本次到港共開兩班,如同時報讀兩班優惠價HK$15,500。
*Alan Dunn Masterclass 1:20~22/11 (星期三至五) - 課程內容及報名連結 > https://forms.gle/ugXWJfEFi8ruHh3q6

Allow Alan Dunn to surprise and enchant you! In this 3-Day hands-on workshop, Alan will share his secret to making gumpaste sugar flowers that look so realistic. Flowers to be included in the class are Peony, Clematis, Begonia, Anemone, Camassia and Cape Chestnut.

You will also learn different techniques and skills:
- How to colour gumpaste
- How to get perfectly thin petals and leaves
- How to use correct silicone moulds to shape the centre
- How to use silicone veiners properly
- How to design a perfect central core
- How to colour, add depth and layering with colour dust
- How to apply glaze to petals and leaves
- How to select the correct floral wires thickness
- How to use floral tape
- And many more...

*The tuition fee includes Certificate and all materials.
*All tools to be used in the classroom are provided.
*The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.
*Alan Dunn will have two masterclasses in Hong Kong this time. If you register two classes in a row, the discounted tuition fee is HK$15,500.
*Alan Dunn Masterclass 1 : 20~22/11 (Wednesday to Friday), course details and registration > https://forms.gle/ugXWJfEFi8ruHh3q6
導師簡介 Instructor's Profile
Alan Dunn以其獨特而逼真的糖花而聞名。他最初是從澳洲蛋糕裝飾書中自學,然後他上了幾個糖花課程,通過這些早期的課程,他的導師Margaret Morland (Northumbria分會的秘書)介紹他加入了英國糖藝公會(The British Sugarcraft Guild)。

Alan16歲畢業後,他繼續於The City and Guilds Bakery and Flour Confectionery進修全日制120和121麵包/糖果課程。他於17歲之齡便於英國糖藝公會的Whickham and Gateshead分會作課程示範,也讓他意識到他喜歡示範和教學 - 不久之後,他的示範傳遍了英國糖藝協會及各分會,Alan也因此被鍛煉成為公會的認可示範導師。幾乎在同一時間,他很幸運地參加了由公會的創始成員Tombi Peck的課程,也是他自學的一本書的作者,他上了幾個Tombi的課程,兩人逐漸成為了好朋友。

Alan曾在英國以及美國、加拿大、日本、荷蘭、瑞典、丹麥、海峽群島、巴西、南非、澳洲大、新西蘭、馬來西亞、韓國、西班牙、俄羅斯、保加利亞、意大利、瑞士、德國和葡萄牙等地授課,他的作品經常在各大糖藝展覽會上見到。Alan至今已經寫了18本關於糖花製作和蛋糕裝飾藝術的書籍,並與Tombi Peck和Tony Warren共同撰寫了另外三本同類書籍。多年來,他還在英國Sugarcraft Guild通訊、Cakes and Sugarcraft、Cake Decoration月刊、美國蛋糕裝飾雜誌和Cake Masters雜誌上發表過多篇文章。他也有兩個與Craftsy.com合作的網上課程 .....Tropical Sugar Flowers 及 Sugar Flowers - Off the garden Path。

Alan Dunn is known for his unique and realistic sugar flowers. He taught himself initially from Australian cake decorating books and then attended several sugar flower classes. It was through these early classes that he was introduced to The British Sugarcraft Guild by his tutor Margaret Morland who was the secretary of the Northumbria branch of the guild.

Leaving school aged 16 he went on to study full-time Bakery/Confectionery student of The City and Guilds Bakery and Flour Confectionery 120 and 121. It was during this period aged 17, that he gave his very first demonstration to the Whickham and Gateshead Branch of The British Sugarcraft Guild. He soon realised that he enjoyed demonstrating and teaching as much as the craft itself - and it was not long before the word had spread around the country to other branches of the guild. It was also during this early stage that he trained to become an accredited demonstrator for the guild. At around the same time, he was lucky enough to attend a class by Tombi Peck, a founder member of the Guild and author of one of the books he had been teaching himself from. He attended several of Tombi's classes and gradually they became great friends.

Alan has taught extensively throughout the U.K and in also in America, Canada, Japan, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, The Channel Islands, Brazil, SouthAfrica, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal. His work can often be seen on display on the Table of Honour at sugarcraft exhibitions. Alan has written 18 books on the art of flower making and cake decorating and co-authored another three books with Tombi Peck and Tony Warren. He has also had numerous articles over the years published in The British Sugarcraft Guild newsletter, Cakes and Sugarcraft, Cake Decoration monthly, American cake decorating magazine and Cake Masters Magazine. He also has two online tutorials with Craftsy.com ..... Tropical Sugar Flowers and Sugar Flowers - Off the Garden Path.
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