Radio Nova English Shows application - Fall 2017
Thanks for your interest in Radio Nova's English language programs! This application form will close on Sunday, 27 August at 11:59pm.
We're looking for English-speaking international students who want to:
-Talk on air during live and pre-recorded radio broadcasts
-Conduct interviews with interesting people
-Create pre-recorded featurettes and segments on varied topics
-Share their unique music tastes
-Write blogs for our website
-Manage and expand our social media presence
-Learn about the field of media and entertainment
-Socialize with international and Norwegian students

No experience required! Fluency in English is also not required, but you should be confident in your spoken English skills. We expect all members to contribute at least 5 hours a week to their program. **Please note that this is unpaid volunteer work**

Looking for more information on who we are and what we do?
Read on: Radio Nova is Norway's largest student radio station. Nova hosts around 40 programs and 150 members.

Snakker ikke Norsk ("I Don't Speak Norwegian") is a half-talk, half-music show where nearly any topic is welcome. Politics, pirates, potatoes, and prison are all fair game (and yes, we have done entire shows on all of these). Snakker ikke Norsk's members like to take an eclectic approach to radio, and we try to share unknown or up-and-coming bands from our home countries with our listeners. We broadcast our hour-long programs on Wednesday at 5pm and Sunday at 4pm. In addition we have the afternoon show, Rushtid, Fridays at 3pm.

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