Proud Partners Volunteer Information Form
This is for individuals interested in partnering with and/ or volunteering with Archuleta School District for the 2017-2018 school year. Take a look at the The Teachers' Want Ads linked below to see if there is something listed that fits with you interests.

Thank you very much for your time on this and your willingness to partner with our schools.

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Emergency Contact Name (Only if you will be volunteering in the schools. )
Please give the name of the teacher whose name is on the want add you are interested in. *
If there is not a volunteer opportunity listed in the Teachers' Want Ads that fits with how you'd like to help, then give description of what you have in mind.
If you are volunteering, please give a short description of how you hope to use your skills to help students.
If you are making a material or monetary donation please give a description below.
Have you ever had a background check done for either employment or a volunteer position with Archuleta School District? ( Many volunteers with the district are required to pass background checks. If required, the district will cover the expense.) *
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