Queenswell Greek School Pupils Registration Form

The contact details you enter below will be used in accordance to our GDPR policy and will be primarily used to contact you in any emergency involving your child and for general running of school business. By providing that information you consent to its use as specified in our GDPR policy.
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Pupil's name and surname - Ονοματεπώνυμο μαθητή/μαθήτριας *
Date of birth - Ημερομηνία Γέννησης *
Place of birth - Τόπος Γέννησης *
Home address (including Post Code) - Διεύθυνση *
Father's name and surname - Ονοματεπώνυμο πατέρα *
Father's contact details (mobile and email) - Στοιχεία επικοινωνίας πατέρα *
Father's place of origin (grandparents country/town/village) - Καταγωγή πατέρα *
Mother's name and surname - Ονοματεπώνυμο μητέρας *
Mother's contact details (mobile and email) - Στοιχεία επικοινωνίας μητέρας *
Mother's place of origin (grandparents country/town/village) - Καταγωγή μητέρας *
Emergency contact details (name, relationship to pupil, mobile) *
Medical Form
If your child has a medical condition, please fill in the fields below. Queenswell Greek School cannot be made responsible, if the Medical form is not fully filled in. It is your responsibility to keep Queenswell Greek School informed of any medical changes concerning your child.
Please state medical condition
Please state clearly what steps should be taken in an emergency
Please provide details of any medication that should be taken and when while the pupil is attending Greek School.
Is there anything else that Queenswell Greek School should be made aware of (eg SEND diagnosis, learning difficulties etc)?
Consent to take photos / videos
Queenswell Greek School events and concerts are often photographed by the Event’s Organiser. We advise all parents, when taking photographs, to focus on their children only where possible and not to post on to social media sites as Queenswell Greek School cannot be held responsible.
I agree\disagree for my child to take part in group school photographs and video that may be used in Queenswell Greek School, GPA or KEA publications (email, newsletters and website). *
School fees are paid in 2 instalments and paid in September and January or 40% of the fees are paid in September directly to the GPA and then a standing order of 6 equal payments starting from October through to the following April. Fees are non refundable. Once children are enrolled parents are liable for the annual fee even if they do not attend the whole year.
Declaration by parent/guardian: I have read and understood the GPA Rules and Regulations of the school (they can be found on school's website) and I agree to adhere to them and to assist my child to abide by them as a condition of their attendance. Please fill in your name and surname. *
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