Hey Girl!

I'm SO excited to see you are interested in joining me and my team this new year for our #GirlRiseUp challenge group! This challenge group is more than just a workout program. It's an opportunity for you to change your habits (maybe break bad ones) and shift your mindset by changing your perspective.

This group has been an AMAZING support system for me, and has helped me become healthier both physically and mentally.

What do the words "RISE UP" mean to you?

To me they mean that I get to conquer all my fears and insecurities because I believe I am capable. To RISE indicates you are moving in an upward direction. RISING above all your struggles, doubts, anxieties, and anything else you want to grow from.

Together, WE CAN RISE and CONQUER anything and everything life throws at us. I want to EMPOWER you, so you too can join us in empowering many!

My hope and desire is that you would view this opportunity as an investment in your overall well-being rather than another thing added to your busy schedule.

You are worth this opportunity and your journey is worth this type of investment. #GirlRiseUp was designed with YOU in mind and there is absolutely nothing you are going through that we have not gone through or currently going through. Joining this community of empowering women will make YOU even more incredible than YOU already are!

If you are ready to RISE UP and EMBRACE YOUR JOURNEY along other amazing women, please fill out the following questions. This will help me get you everything you need to be successful in this decision!

I'm SO excited to get to know you, and to help you find a routine that works for you. Here's to COURAGEOUS YOU and your willingness to live a healthier lifestyle. You won't regret it! Let's do this!

Encouraging you always,

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