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At the 2017 StageSource Conference we had breakout sessions about creating statements of purpose for the arts community. Not what we need, but what we offer? How can we better partner with other groups and organizations? What is our role in creating change? What do we do well? Where do we fall short, and how can we fix that?

We have created eight working groups from those conversations. (We combined a few topics in order to try and move on all of them.) We are adding the names of folks who attended the sessions to the google groups, but would like to offer others the opportunity to be part of this initiative. If you are interested, please fill out this form, and we will add you to the google group. If you would like to be a community partner on a specific topic, please let us know. Once you are part of the googlegroup we will forward you the notes from the conference.

In the early spring of 2018 we will be releasing the final drafts of these statements of purpose, along with action steps. This initiative is a process, and won't be done then. But it will embolden us all to be the change we want to see.

The eight groups are:

Access & Equity: Specifically around issues for Deaf artists and audiences.
Arts Journalism
Science, Technology, and the Environment
Breaking the Gender Binary
Gender Parity
Social Justice, including the topics of dismantling white supremacy and LBGTQA theater
Arts & Politics, including advocacy

We are very appreciative of the work that was done at the conference, and excited about this next step.

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