MVNA Listening Sessions Follow up Survey
We enjoyed hearing from the neighbors who participated in this year’s annual meeting and listening sessions, and now we would like to hear from everyone who lives in our MVNA boundaries. We have compiled the notes from those listening sessions, and we see some common neighborhood concerns. This survey will help us ensure we heard you accurately and get feedback on how we can act upon these neighborhood concerns.
Safety was a consistent concern:
• Pedestrian safety (safe speeds, safe crossings, safe sidewalks in all weather for all user groups)
• Bike safety (safe bike lanes, safe crossings, safe routes, safe passage for kids on bikes)
• Traffic safety (decrease speeds, decrease cut-through traffic, improve traffic conditions on specific streets)
• Neighborhood safety (decrease illegal fireworks, decrease car thefts/vandalism; increase lighting and increase visibility, re: congested parking on streets, recreational vehicles parked on streets, overgrown shrubs and trees)
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Additional safety concerns not reflected here:
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