Welcome to the 2019 Camp Arevelk Registration page!

We are looking forward to another blessed week at camp and are thrilled to have your child join us! Please complete this form and click on "Submit."

To complete the registration process and save your child's spot at camp, please be sure to:

1) Print and send the medical release form found on our website www.camparevelk.com
2) Send a copy of your insurance or OHIP card
3) Send a copy of your child's immunization record
4) Make your payment-either paypal or by check

You will receive a confirmation page when you submit this form with more information about where to send your forms and payment.
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T-shirt Size (Adult Sizes) *
Shirt sizes come in adult sizes only. Please choose accordingly. All campers will receive a Tshirt during the camp week.
Would you like to be part of a parent Prayer Group? *
Prayer meetings are held via conference call. We can update you more about this as we get closer to the start of camp.
Would you like to volunteer to help with the BBQ on the last day of camp? *
BBQ will be on Sat. Aug. 17. If yes, please let us know in the "other" box how you would like to be involved.
MEDIA RELEASE: I hereby consent and give permission to Camp Arevelk staff to photograph or videotape my child to be used for the purpose of advertising and or promoting Camp Arevelk. Camp Arevelk owns the copyright of the images taken and may use a selection of them for advertising. Photographs can be posted in AEUNA publications, online, social media, slideshow, video montage, print and any other way to promote Camp. The photos will be used solely for camp purposes and will not be given to a third party.
RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I acknowledge that the AEUNA or Camp Arevelk will not be liable for any accidents or medical emergencies that happen during the week of Camp and I authorize the designated Camp Arevelk authority (Nurse, Camp Director) to obtain emergency medical treatment including hospitalization, injections, anesthesia, or surgery for my attending child(ren) during camp week.
CODE OF CONDUCT: Campers must let their counselor know where they are at all times. Turn in “forbidden” items (below) to your counselor before they take them from you. Any theft or destruction of any property (personal or camp) whether by accident or intentional is strictly forbidden and could result in financial charges. All meetings, meals, and group games are mandatory for attendance. No males in female cabins, and no females in males cabins. No being alone with opposite gender. No food is allowed in the bedrooms. Kitchens, offices, areas with music or sound equipment, and maintenance or construction areas are off limits. Please be respectful in the language you use, and in the volume you speak at night. The camp phone is to be used by permission of the director only. Do not litter and keep your personal belongings in your cabins. Keep camp and cabins clean. Forbidden items: Drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, weapons of any kind, lighters/matches, electronics such as, but not limited to: ipods, video game systems, computers, & cell phones, any books, magazines, or pictures containing things you wouldn’t want your grandma looking at. *Cell phones brought to camp will be collected, bagged and labeled at registration. The phones will be held by the camp nurse for use in an emergency or with the permission of the Camp Director. **I have read and discussed these rules and expectations with my child and he/she agrees to abide by this code of conduct.
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