Equitable Development Scorecard Committee Application/ Nomination Form:
Applications/ Nominations are now being accepted on a rolling basis. Positions open until filled!

What is the Scorecard?
The Equitable Development Scorecard outlines our neighborhood’s priorities, goals, and values. The community will score each development proposal, to ensure that it aligns with our goals. Which are: affordable housing, local jobs, and a healthy, safe, and equitable neighborhood. YOUR values and priorities will be reflected in this community document.

Why is it important?
The West Side neighborhood has historically been disinvested in and our voices have not been heard. The Scorecard will be used to ensure that any development that comes to the West Side BENEFITS you and our neighborhood.

How will it be used?
The Scorecard will be added to our District Council 10 Year Plan at City Hall and as a Small Area Plan for the West Side. Any developer who files a development proposal for our area will answer the questions laid out in the scorecard to be scored and then work with the community to ensure their development plans fit with our values & priorities for our neighborhood.

We are generally looking for persons who:
● Can commit to the mission and values of the West Side Community Organization
● Who understand organizing and grassroots activism
● Can commit to attending meetings; serving on active committees and/or joining ad hoc work groups.
● Can juggle the dual demands of representing a constituency and acting on behalf of the broader West Side.
● Having the ability to think outside the box and be inclusive of other issue areas the fund supports for the good of the overall community.
● Can commit to serve on the committee for a minimum of two years.
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