CIT Reference Form Camp Y-Owasco
The person below has applied at the YMCA to be a Counselor with children in a camp setting. Please evaluate this person by answering these questions.
Name of CIT Applicant
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How Long have you known the applicant
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In what capacity have you known the applicant
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In general, how would you rate the applicant’s ability and interest to work with children?
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If you were a parent, would you be happy to have this person as your child's caregiver?
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Please select appropriate boxes to indicate the applicant’s qualities:
Communication with others
Communication with children
Emotional maturity
Moral character
Leadership ability
Please List your Name, Phone Number, and Email- so we can follow with you if we have any questions
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Comments about this applicant
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My Full type name below certifies that all of the above information is true and accurate in accordance with my knowledge of the applicant.
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. if you have questions or concerns please contact:
Joshua Scott, Family & Camp Director
Camp Y-Owasco, 27 William ST, Auburn, NY 13021
315-253-5304 x 115.,
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