2015 John Egerton Prize Nomination
Nominations for the John Egerton Prize are due by Tuesday, March 3 at Noon, central time.
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For his work in chronicling and championing the cause of civil rights in America, and for his contribution to our understanding of the power of the common table, the John Egerton Prize recognizes artists, writers, scholars, and others—including artisans and farmers and cooks—whose work, in the American South, addresses issues of race, class, gender, and social and environmental justice, through the lens of food. The prize identifies people whose work would benefit from greater freedom, support, and exposure.
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Please list up to three links that provide supporting information about the nominee. Examples of supporting information include, but are not limited to, nominee's website, articles written about nominee's work, samples of nominee's work, etc.

If links with supporting information are not available, please scan any hard copy supporting information and e-mail to afton@southernfoodways.org with nominee's name in subject line.

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Next Steps
The window for nominations will close on Tuesday, March 3 at Noon CT. The award committee will meet to discuss nominations in late March. You may be contacted for additional information or if any questions arise. The award is announced in the fall.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Afton Thomas at afton@southernfoodways.org

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