Fishers High School First Annual Gameathon 2019
Want to win your own FHSched theme? Are you interested in game development? Sign-up for FHS Gameathon and test your skills!

Welcome to the first annual Fishers High School Gameathon! This is the sign-up form.

Gameathon is 30-day long game development competition where a random game theme is chosen. Contestants must then develop a game that adheres to the theme of the competition in the available time. There are two categories, solo, which is a game developed by one's self, and team, which is a game developed by a group of people. Each category will be judged separately. Sign-up will end on November 19 at 11:59 and the theme will be announced, along with the start of the event, on November 20. The event ends on December 20. Contestants will be emailed more details at the beginning of the event.

More info can be found here:

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