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New Clean Slate legislation has recently been signed into law in Pennsylvania that allows for individuals to petition the courts to have their criminal records sealed if the person has been free from conviction for 10 years for an offense that resulted in a year or more in prison and has paid all court-ordered financial debts.

Additionally, the new law allows automatic sealing of records for second or third-degree misdemeanor offenses that included a less than two-year prison sentence if a person has been free from convictions for 10 years, as well as sealing of criminal history records related to charges that resulted in non-convictions.

This pro bono project has been created to provide information and advice to people who may benefit from the new law. Attorney volunteers will review the Pennsylvania criminal record of applicants under the program and advise them whether their record qualifies for sealing under the law and what steps need to be taken to start the sealing process.

To volunteer for this project to provide brief service to applicants who want to know if they qualify for record sealing under the new law please supply the information requested below.

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