Paediatric Surgery Camp
10th-15th February, 2020; 4 to 6 pm, Jehangir Hospital, Pune.

- Paediatrician consultation for camp Rs. 200/-
- 20% on further OPD investigation.
- Free Physiotherapy Consultation
- 50% off on CT Scan/ MRI

Who can avail the facilities of the Paediatric Surgery Diagnostic Camp?

1. Children between the age of newborn to 18 years of age which may need an operation for correction.
2. Any birth defect where an abnormal swelling is seen on any part of the body
3. Any birth defect where an abnormal hole is seen on any part of the body
4. Any abnormalities of the genital organs - male or female
5. If the testis is not felt in the scrotum
6. Any difficulty in passing urine or a poor stream of urine
7. Not passing stools daily or passing hard stools
8. Passing blood in urine or stools
9. Persistent pain in abdomen
10. Any distention of abdomen (bloated tummy)
11. Repeated Lung infections
12. Any abnormality detected on Ultrasound when the baby was in the womb
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