99 Questions Survey
Welcome to the 99 Questions Survey! This Survey is a diagnostic tool based on my book, "99 Questions for Achieving Your Sales Goals". It frames the questions from the book in a way that allows you to assess the level of organization and preparedness you have provided to your sales team.

Most questions are designed so that you can rank your answer on a scale of 1 to 5. (There are some selected questions that are Yes/No or multiple choice where more specific responses are required.) As you take the Survey, you should evaluate your answer to the question in as realistic a fashion as possible. No other person will see your answers unless you choose to provide the survey output to others. If you do actually partially meet the requirement described by the question, then a 3 answer is acceptable, but try to be more "black and white" versus "shades of grey". If you don't do something, then give yourself the appropriate rating (1 or 5 depending on the question). The more realistic you are, the more the Survey results will help you gain insights into your firm's sales readiness.

Because there are over 100 questions, the Survey is broken down into sections so that you don't have to complete all the sections at once. You can do a section and come back at a later time to complete additional sections. Also, after you have fully completed the Survey, you have the ability to go back into the Survey over time if you want to update your responses to see how things are changing.

Once you have completed the entire Survey, you will receive a summary of your responses, and an evaluation of your "sales readiness" based on your score. The evaluation provides an explanation of the scoring and more details about how you might address the specific concerns it identifies. Finally, you have the option of contacting me for a free 30-45 minute consultation to review your current situation and further detail the survey findings.

I believe most firms will find several areas for improvement to enhance their ability to generate more revenue and achieve their goals. Many firms (as we discuss in the book) never have thought to address many of the items listed. We hope this survey will lead to new actions and insights that will help you achieve your Sales Goals. If you have questions or would like clarification about specific survey items, please use the Contact Page on the MBA4Sales website to request assistance.

Good Luck!
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