Fidelity has launched its own defi trading platform that allows you to stake  a minimum of $100 in USDT up to any amount and you will need $40 in ethereum in your trust wallet. You will earn from .8 to 2.8 aday on your pledge amount. You start to earn ever hour after your pledge.  SIMPLY click on income to recommend your earnings. This is my link you can use trust wallet or metamask. Copy  link and put it in the browser. Connect your wallet._____________________ Step 1.  Copy my link  do not click on my link, copy it and paste it in your trust wallet dapp browser or metamask browser.. when you reach the program, click  "account" then locate "Subscribe" type in exactly how much USDT you want to deposit then hit subscribe, this step will remove the "usdt"  from your wallet to the program dashboard.😉 you will get a message that say "successful".  Check that the funds have left your trust wallet_______________STEP 2. You must now pledge the same amount that you put in subscribe. This will invest your money 💰 to earn hourly and daily compounded interest. Click" Pledge" enter the amout younvant to compound ___________________STEP 3 to see your earnings click on income and claim & recompoud your earnings.
If you want to be apart of this new project please register below and I will contact you when we go live and
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This video explains what keeps us enslaved to our money. The banking system, this is the most important video you will  ever watch as it relates to you and your money. If you want to become your own bank then learn how the banks take your $100 and earn $3333 on on every $100 you have ever deposited  in their bank. If you are ready to earn that type of money for you and your family and become your own bank then learn and say "I want in"
Fidelity latest training video
Work for your Dreams, never give up!
Watch this video to understand what the platform has to offer you This is the zoom that explains how to earn 1.1 percent aday on a $100 deposit and earn $100,000 in 24 months Watch this recording now
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If you want to be apart of the flamingo passive daily interest program click the link below and contact Earl Dixon 919 530 8022 and say I joined your flamingo passive income team
If you want to be apart of the Nugen coin program. A coin that never allow you to loose money when you Hodl. Click the link below to watch the Nugen Coin Presentation, If you missed Bitcoin do not miss Nugen Coin contact Earl Dixon 919 530 8022 and say I joined your The Nugen Program  or simply choose the program from the list below you want to join and register below and I will contact you with a link to get started
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